air conditioner analysis

1Ton Model

by Steve
(Alva, Oklahoma)

I wanted to purchase a quality and a reliable 1-ton air conditioner about a year back. Scouted the market for different kind of models and came across the Bard 1 ton air conditioner model. It seemed to be a good and worthwhile for the budget I was looking at. My basic criteria when looking to buy an air conditioner was getting a good deal at a price that would not pinch my wallet. this ac unit fitted my requirement of a wall mounted air conditioner and the installation was also quite hassle free. It has been a year since I have been using this particular model and have faced no such problems.

The cooling is quite effective and due to a reliable energy efficiency rating, I have also noticed a reduction in my energy power bills. This unit even works quietly and when the electricity supply resumes it even starts automatically. This system cools effectively, hardly makes any noise and is even quite energy efficient. Add to this fact that the air conditioner�s durability is also something, which one can harp about and be sure it won�t get damaged easily.

This is due to the unit�s pre painted steel cabinet that actually helps in preventing the unit from any kind of wear and tear. Personally, I am quite happy with my buy as I can enjoy the comforts and not be interrupted by continuous and irritating noise that seems to be a problem with a lot of other air conditioners. Therefore, my air conditioner review is that I suggest that the Bard 1 ton is a good buy and will surely last you for quite sometime.

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