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Air Conditioner Filters

Having central air means you have air conditioner filters. The problem is most people don�t change them. The function of the air conditioner filter is to prevent dust from accumulating onto the coils of the furnace or air handler unit.

The improvement in technology and filter media has improved substantially in the last decade, and a single filter can remove up to 99% of all contaminants that move through it. There are various types of air condition and heating systems, therefore there are many different kinds of filters. However one thing remains the same. The filter is an important part of the correct operation of the system. Your air conditioning or heating will not work efficiently if the filter media is clogged.

Filter media is available in many different types. Air conditioner filters are available in 1 month life spans and 3 month life spans. The type of surface media is also different with each type. Some short life filters are more concentrated on removing dust and dirt from the air and other longer life filters are more concentrated on removing allergens and bacteria along with dust and dirt.

Air conditioner filters are a simple thing for you to change to maintain your heating and air conditioning systems performance. They are relatively inexpensive. Really decent high end filters of the long lasting variety can be purchased from about $3.50 each to $7.00. Some companies will sell filters in cases which obviously cut down on the cost. Size and type of furnace determines your filter and that has an impact on the cost as well. Short life filters are about $1.50 each to $4.50.

Some homes do not have a regular heating or air conditioning system and companies are aware of the need for this and offer custom filter manufacturing.

If you are using an air conditioner that is window mounted make sure to check and clean its filter. These units have a small screen to catch dust and larger particles and behind they have a foam that can be washed. For the screen it needs to be washed in mild soap and water and allowed to dry, as for the foam, the same washing in mild soap and water and allowing it to completely dry before putting it back into the air conditioner. If the foam is damaged, call the manufacturer to see if they sell replacement media, if not take the old foam to a local hardware retailer and find the best replacement and cut it to fit. Old foam can blow apart and clog the air conditioner.

In the end changing your air conditioner filters will keep your air conditioning system in peak performance.

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