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Air Conditioner Hazards - What Are they?

Air conditioner hazards can be very harmful if you do not know what to look out for. Let's Face it the use of a/c's have certainly become very central to our daily lives and we just can’t imagine a single day without them. They provide us with cool and comfort away from the heat as well as remove moisture from the air and filter the harmful dust and dirt.

Air conditioners are actually beneficial for a number of reasons including some health issues such as heat strokes and heart attacks. The conditions that cause a heat stroke can be considerably avoided when you spend some time in an air-conditioned room. Air conditioners are also helpful to people suffering from allergies and asthma as air conditioners filter all dust and pollen that are harmful for allergic and asthmatic patients. However if ill maintained, air conditioners can cause very serious threats for similar patients. A filter which is not cleaned becomes dirty over time and gathers unnecessary dirt particles and pollen and blows out harmful particles like fungi, bacteria and mostly microorganisms into the room. This could cause serious damage not only to a patient but even to a healthy human being as it can cause irritation of eyes, nose and throat. However with regular maintenance of the air conditioner such issues can be avoided, minimizing the risks.

Besides, air conditioners fitted into large buildings are at risk of harboring harmful bacteria in the water, causing diseases such as Legionnaires. Also, other harmful organisms which could grow in big enough air conditioners can cause hypersensitivity pneumonitis or allergic alveolitis. This is caused due to the inhaling of microscopic organic dusts that are capable of inflaming the air sacs in the lungs which eventually obstruct normal breathing.

Air conditioner hazards can also be harmful to our ears as the interior of air conditioners are hot, moist and dark and thus favorable for breeding fungi and mold spores. So, if a person is allergic to mold, he will have a hard time living in an air conditioned area. This can be avoided by avoiding re-circulated air itself i.e. an air conditioner. If you have to, divert the air vents away from your face or if you are in a car, open the car windows for a while.

Another negative effect of air conditioners is that they seal out negative ions. As air conditioners require a sealed environment to work, the negative ions are sealed out of all our homes and offices. As a result, all the positive ions that are generated from fluorescent lighting, computer terminals and modern building materials make us feel exhausted and depressed and irritable. So, balancing the negative and positive ions is necessary to avoid the tired feelings related to our stressful schedules.

Another major threat for humans comes from the sick building syndrome which is caused by organisms contaminating air conditioners and the piping of air conditioning unit ducts. This leads to the air conditioner blowing the cold air along with such spores of organisms into the building causing a disorder named air-conditioner lung, which is similar to another syndrome called farmer's lung which happened due to regularly inhaling dust from hay. The best way to avoid air conditioner hazards is to use your common sense.

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