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by Michael

The new GE's are trash. We just received a new one today, ordered through Home Depot, and right out of the box into the casement it went. It's fancy remote and electronic display are all for show and provide no function or utility whatsoever.

The thermostat reads a low of 60 degrees, yet the unit cools down to (l0l) 80 degrees, then the thermostat kicks in and goes to fan only. The unit may as well be an oven. Why have a thermostat that reads 60 degrees when the unit won't cool below 80 degrees. We have a 25 year old model that gets freezing cold and never shuts off to fan only and will cool down to the low 50's.

GE hasn't made a decent AC in 25 years. This same thing happens with another version of this same model that's 8 years old. We deliberately broke the thermostat switch so it stays on to cool a room, as it was allegedly designed to do. GE's are pure garbage. Don't buy one, buy a Carrier or another brand, you'll be far better off fro doing so.

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