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Amana GSC Distinctions Commercial Air Conditioner

The Amana GSC Distinctions� Commercial Air Conditioner is designed for both ground-level and rooftop mounting and offers premium durability. This air conditioning unit has been designed to offer an affordable yet a long-term and reliable solution.

Amana GSC Commercial Distinctions� Air Conditioner Manufacturer Specifications

Let�s take a look at the various features as specified in the manufacturer�s specifications sheet.

  • The air conditioning unit is equipped with an energy efficient compressor that comes with an internal pressure relief valve.
  • It features a specially designed operating top discharge for delivering a quiet operation.
  • The condenser motor is permanently lubricated while the high capacity filter dryer keeps a check on moisture and dust.
  • The sweat connection and service ports contain brass suction ball valve and liquid front-seating shut off.
  • The copper tube aluminum fin coil provides durability while the steel louver coil guard protects the coil from damage.
  • The Amana GSC Commercial Distinctions� air conditioner is ARI Certified and ETL Listed.
  • The unit features high and low pressure switches and contractor with lug connections.
  • The powder paint finish and the galvanized steel cabinet with rust resistant screws ensure durability and a long lasting life.
  • The Sweat connection allows you to easily access the gauge ports.
  • The steel louvered metal guard protects the coil from damage and strengthens the unit.
  • To protect the coil from debris, there is a base pan that elevates the unit above the slab, which also helps in water drainage.
  • It offers a single-panel access control for field-installed accessories.
  • If properly anchored and installed, the unit meets the 2001 Florida Building Code integrity requirements, which is a must for hurricane type of winds.

    Amana GSC Distinctions� Commercial Air Conditioner Warranty

    The Amana GSC Distinctions� Commercial air conditioner offers a warranty for a period of 10 years or for as long as the owner owns the home where the unit was originally installed. The warranty is applicable only if:

    A) Unit is installed in the owner-occupied single-family residence.

    B) For a lifetime warranty cover, the unit must be installed with a new indoor coil or air handler.

    C) The unit has to be registered with Goodman online within 60 days after the original installation.

    In case, the above warranty is not applicable, then all parts are warranted for a period of 5 years. The warranties cannot be used if the unit is removed from where it was originally installed; irrespective of the time of registration, the warranty comes into effect on the date of the original installation. These warranties do not cover labor, freight or any other cost associated with the service, repair or operation of the unit.

    Benefits of Amana GSC Distinctions� Commercial Air Conditioner

    Easy Installation � Amana GSC Distinctions� Commercial air conditioner gives you the flexibility to either mount it on a rooftop or install it at ground level.

    Superior and Quiet Performance� The efficient and sturdy compressor combined with filter dryer and specially designed sound-control top ensure it continues to deliver a quiet and a powerful performance for years to come.

    Long lasting and durable � Quality manufacturing coupled with durable appliance quality paint protects your air conditioner from wear and tear due to the effects of weather and time. The base pan also ensures longevity by protecting the coil from debris and facilitating easy water drainage.

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