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Amcor air conditioners have been a specialist in environmental control for over fifty years and are known as ?indoor environments? for their keen eye towards advanced living conditions and innovation.

Initially they had started with numerous air purification systems,but today they are conspicuous market leaders for their distinctive designs and brilliantly engineered air conditioning systems.

Amcor truly abides by its mission of creating and providing quality products to its customers and hence constantly strives to innovate and improvise with its ever expanding and comprehensive range of air conditioners. The different types of Amcor air conditioners have been categorized into the following sections:

Amcor Portable Air Conditioners

Amcor Air Conditioning units have yet again achieved a landmark by creating �Plasma� look for their portable air conditioners, which is distinctly unique and innovative.

PLM Series (Plasma Series) Its sophisticated design and efficient functionality makes it unique in delivering a modern style of integration. The aesthetic Plasma look reflects elegance yet simplicity. It is ideally appropriate for localized cooling as it can be used cost effectively in cooling single rooms instead of a whole house.

The PLM series also includes PVMB series, PCMB series and CPLMB series. The series offers a number of designs and a range of cooling capacities that varies from 10000 BTUs to 16000 BTUs. It is based on the Amco�s patented Self Evaporative Booster Technology, which utilizes evaporative cooling effect to deliver a better performance.

Nano Max Series As its name suggests the Nano-Max series offers air conditioning units that are compact and takes up minimal room space. The Nano Max Series primarily consists of CF14000E, NanoMaxASeries, NanoMaxKSeries and NanoMaxMSeries.

Its exquisite features include the auto drain Nano-mist technology, which helps in evaporating the extra fluid. Other than this Nano-Max Air conditioner comes equipped with basic handle and casters thereby making it maneuver easily. Nano mist air conditioner is available in a variety of designer colors and high quality features.

AL Series The AL Series from Amcor air conditioners is designed to meet the consumer demand for individuality through its several designs and attractive value. AL Series includes a range of models with distinctive specifications such as AL10000E, AL10000EH, ALW12000E, ALW12000EH and ALD12000M.

AmcorAire� Duo Ductless Mini Splits

In order to offer a product to the customer that is more affordable than a central AC, Amcor air conditioners developed the revolutionary AmcorAire� Duo cooling and heating air conditioners. This series of air conditioners serves the dual purpose of reducing the energy bills and delivering a superior level of performance with its quiet and smooth operation.

This series includes the following four models:

UCHW-H09AF2 (indoor model)/ UCHW-H09CF2 (outdoor model)

UCHW-H12AF2 (indoor model)/ UCHW-H12CF2 (outdoor model)

UCHW-H18AF2 (indoor model)/ UCHW-H18CF2 (outdoor model)

UCHW-H24AF2 (indoor model)/ UCHW-H24CF2 (outdoor model)

High SEER Amcoraire Inverter Systems

The AmcorAire� Inverter Systems from Amcor Air Conditioners are based on the dual technology of performing both the functions of heating and cooling and are perfect for home or office where ductwork is not possible. These heat pump systems not only deliver a high performance, but also adjust the output to provide complete comfort at an economical rate.

The AmcorAire� inverter system has come out with three series and all of them feature interior air handler, exterior condenser, flared pipe and wire kit and remote control.

Single Zone Inverter Systems: This includes two models and it features advanced inverter technology, temperature display, auto mode, and dehumidification mode among a host of other features.

Single Zone 13 SEER: Besides being a practical alternative to the more expensive central air conditioning units, this single zone inverter system delivers superior performance and comes equipped with a host of interesting features. The two single zone 13 SEER models include advanced inverter technology, auto restart, wireless remote control, auto mode, auto swing louver and low ambient operation among other features.

Multi Zone Inverter Systems: This comes in three models and features a SEER rating of 14 and includes a host of benefits such as dehumidification, temperature display on indoor unit, sleep mode and low ambient operation.

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