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Amcor ALD12000M Air Conditioner

by Sam

I have made a big mistake purchasing the Amcor ALD12000M air conditioner and would never recommend it to any one as they are very inferior in quality and poor in performance. I have purchased this unit since the shop provided great discounts for this particular model and brand of portable air conditioner and hence I found it very cheap. I had fallen for the price and have made the wrong decision and now regret on purchasing the unit.

There are a lot of disadvantages for this portable unit like the drain pipe gets clogged quite often, the filters are of poor quality and I had them replaced at least two times within a year. One of the features that we have overlooked was its manual control which we now find very inconvenient. As compared to other portable air conditioning units this unit does not even have a remote control which is one main disadvantage of the unit and we find it very difficult to control the temperature as we have to get up and move towards the unit to change the settings. It is especially difficult to change the settings in the middle of the night when we are asleep as we have to walk towards the unit half asleep to change the settings.

It requires a lot of maintenance and is too loud while functioning that sometimes it is annoying and causes disturbance while sleeping. It also does not efficiently cool large rooms and is not at all effective in rooms greater than 300 square feet. The drain pipes are very flimsy and I got it repaired after six months of its purchase.

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