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Amcor CF14000E Air Conditioner

by Karen
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

The Amcor CF14000E is the best portable air conditioner I have ever come across. When I decided to purchase a cooling unit I was quite skeptical about portable air conditioners as I have seen these units function inefficiently in my relative�s house where they complaint of leakage, draining of water regularly, clogging of drains, replacement of filters etc. which they found to be a very tedious and tiresome task and warned me about its disadvantages. Considering their complaints I have decided not to go for a portable air conditioner hence was planning to install a central air conditioner.

As decided we went to purchase a central air conditioner but ended up purchasing the Amcor portable air conditioner as we where very impressed with its unique features and affordable price hence we thought why spend so much money on central air conditioner if we can install a portable air conditioner at such low price and move them to which ever room we want to.

We are very satisfied with our Amcor portable cooling unit and find it very convenient, unlike other portable units this unit does not require any draining of water and never would leak. The filters are washable and are also very durable. We have been using the unit for about two years and have never replaced the filters until now. The venting can be done through the windows and since there are no outlet units or installation by drilling needed it can be plugged and switched on in whichever room you want to. Overall our air conditioner review is favorable for this model and the price was right.

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