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Amcor Single Zone 13 Seer Air Conditioner

by Sharon
(Red Deer, AB)

I use the Amcor Single Zone 13 seer air conditioner for cooling requirements and find the unit really very handy because it can be carried along very easily in which ever room we want to. We have two units of portable air conditioners and compared to the other model which is of the brand Everstar the Amcor air conditioner is far more efficient and quieter. There are a lot of brands of portable air conditioners available in the market and I found this particular brand more stylish and light in weight that I decided to purchase it and I am very satisfied with its functioning.

The units touch controls are easy to understand and can be controlled even without having to read the manual. The unit does not require frequent drainage and cleaning and are hence very convenient to handle and requires very little maintenance. The material and finish of the cooling unit are of high quality and hence are very attractive in its design than other portable units.

I now I use the unit to cool almost every room I occupy. I am planning to purchase one more unit which would fulfill all our cooling requirements. One unit is insufficient to meet the cooling requirements of our whole family hence we are planning to purchase one more unit of the same model to meet cooling requirements in our children´┐Żs room. The unit only cost us $390 and are hence very ideal since it can be moved from one place to another which is the most prominent feature that are found in portable units.

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