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American Standard Air Conditioners

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American Standard Air Conditioners provide the ultimate comfort systems for homes.

Whether the requirement is of heating or cooling, this company is the ideal choice. All indoor / outdoor systems comprise of two different interconnected units placed inside and outside the house.

This brand offers the following full systems:

  • Gas / Electric � This system is designed to handle extreme temperatures ranging from extreme summers to chilling winters. The gas furnace is very effective in winters while the electric air conditioner is ideal for summers.

  • All Electric Cooling and Heating � These are energy efficient systems popular in areas where gas is not readily available. Using electricity, in summers this pumps heat from inside to outside, whereas in winters it pumps heat from outside to inside.

  • Oil / Electric � These ac systems use oil to function in winters as well as summers to provide one of the best cooling and heating solutions at affordable prices.

  • Heritage Hybrid Comfort System � This system uses a combination of two energy sources to reduce energy consumption and provide flexibility. It effortlessly combines a gas or oil furnace with an electric heat pump to save energy as well as provide effective cooling or heating as and when required.

    All in one systems � This system comes with a single cabinet, which can be installed outside the house. They provide both heating and cooling options and are hence in demand the year round.

    American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning units are available in a range of 13 to 20 SEER and provide excellent efficiency. The Allegiance family uses state of the art technology to provide the following options:


    Allegiance 20 Communicating Air Conditioner � This air conditioner uses an ozone safe refrigerant and provides up to 60% savings on the energy bills due to its effective two-stage cooling.

    Allegiance 16 Communicating Air Conditioner � This air conditioner communicates with other system components using the advanced AccuLink Communicating System. It also provides high energy efficiency by saving up to 50% on energy bills due to its effective two-stage cooling.

    Allegiance 16 Air Conditioner � This is an extremely quite air conditioner, which uses a durable single-row Spine Fin coil to provide efficient cooling at all times.


    Allegiance 15 Air Conditioner � This is American Standard�s most economical single stage air conditioner. It also provides high energy efficiency by saving up to 47% on energy bills.

    Allegiance 14 Air Conditioner � This air conditioner uses Duration Compressor to provide an energy saving of up to 43%.


    Allegiance 13 Air Conditioner � This is an economical air conditioner for reliable cooling. It also provides high energy efficiency by saving up to 38% on energy bills.

    American Standard Air Conditioners are one of the best available in the market when it comes to reliability and energy efficiency. More over, with the flexible options to switch form electricity to gas or oil these systems are always in demand.

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