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Armstrong Air Conditioners

Offering Multiple Models For All Of Your Purposes

Armstrong Air Conditioners are extremely popular and supply products to businesses and institutions all over the world. The organization is known for providing the ultimate quality and comfort to customers at all times. They boast of exceptional service under extreme conditions and lead the market in research and development.

The various models of air conditioners available are divided into 6 series as per the SEER ratings and the refrigerants used. They are:

418LT � This series of air conditioners comes with energy efficiency, which exceeds Energy Star guidelines with an efficiency rating of up to 18 SEER. They use the latest technology available along with R410A refrigerant, which is one of the most environmental friendly choices available in the market. These come with a state of the art Copeland scroll compressor. The four models available are 4SCU18LT124, 4SCU18LT136, 4SCU18LT148 and 4SCU18LT160.

416LT � This series comes with Energy Star ratings of up to 16 SEER and are designed for easy maintenance. Its complete metal jacket panels can be removed with relative ease as only two screws per panel need to be unscrewed. Its service valves are positioned in such a way so as to enable fast and quick service and installation. The models available are 4SCU16LT124, 4SCU16LT136, 4SCU16LT148 and 4SCU16LT160.

414LE � These come with an attractive and clean cabinet and a PVC coated fan for a neat and durable finish. They also have enhanced aluminum fins for increased efficiency. They work effectively in the Voltage range of 197 and 253 and generate a maximum sound of 78 decibels. The seven models available in this series are 4SCU14LE118, 4SCU14LE124, 4SCU14LE130, 4SCU14LE136, 4SCU14LE142, 4SCU14LE148 and 4SCU14LE160.

413LE � This series offers a state of the art scroll compressor and uses the environmental friendly R410A refrigerant. It is protected from the outside by a louvered panel cabinet from inside by grommet mounting of the compressor. The accessories included are a short cycle protection kit and thermal expansion valve kits. The models available in this series are 4SCU13LE118P, 4SCU13LE124P, 4SCU13LE130P, 4SCU13LE136P, 4SCU13LE142P, 4SCU13LE148P and 4SCU13LE160P.

213LE � This series of compressors use R22 refrigerant and is designed in such a way so as to protect it from motor overload due to high temperatures. The system is further protected by the presence of filter drier and raised coils. The models available in this series are 2SCU13LE118P, 2SCU13LE124P, 2SCU13LE130P, 2SCU13LE136P, 2SCU13LE142P, 2SCU13LE148P and 2SCU13LE160P.

213LB � This series also uses R22 refrigerant and the models available are 2SCU13LB118P, 2SCU13LB124P, 2SCU13LB130P, 2SCU13LB136P, 2SCU13LB142P, 2SCU13LB148P, 2SCU13LB160P, 2SCU13LB136T, 2SCU13LB148T and 2SCU13LB160T. These give noise in the range of 74 to 78 decibels and are available in ratings of up to 13 SEER.

Armstrong Air Conditioners is a global leader in providing quality air conditioners with excellent after sales service and replacement of product if required.

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