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AW24CR3FHUE Air Conditioning Unit

by Renee
(Barnet, Vermont)

I have been using the Sunbeam AW24CR3FHUE air conditioner for about two months and have found the room window air conditioner really great. The cooling experience is far better than I have expected. This air conditioning unit is an electronic room air conditioner with electronic controls. The air conditioner has got a remote and is hence easy to operate unlike traditional window air conditioners which have controls only over the unit�s surfaces.

The unit is very energy efficient and is rated with energy stars hence are certified as energy efficient. I have also found a considerable decrease in my electricity bill after having replaced my old window air conditioner unit with sunbeam air conditioner. Energy efficiency is what we look for in all air conditioners since only an energy efficient air conditioner is feasible to operate in the long run this model of air conditioner functions using the optimum level of energy thus providing a complete and economical cooling solution.

The air conditioner unit has got a reciprocating air compressor that provides the most effective and fast cooling solution. The unit displays temperature both in Fahrenheit and Celsius and the remote enables us to set the right temperature without any difficulty. The controls are not at all complicated that even my five year old daughter knows to operate it. The various options that I can set using the remote are any of the three fan speeds, timer to automatically on or off the unit and various temperature levels. The unit has also got a highly durable air filter that helps in removing the impurities present in the air and thus provide fresh and clean cooled air.

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