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Bard 1 Ton Air Conditioner Review

Bard 1 Ton Air Conditioner is the ideal solution for quiet and effective cooling. It is a wall-mounted design and is best suited for small offices and residential purposes. The air conditioner rightfully boasts of being equipped with a number of patented features. Being a manufacturer since 1914, Bard has a distinct advantage over other brands of air conditioners as it understands its customers and serves them better. Besides, Bard is a champion in manufacturing mounted models of air conditioners.

Manufacturer´┐Żs Specifications

  • Adhering to various industrial norms, Bard 1 Ton Air Conditioner has been loaded with the following features:

  • Equipped with features like a rotary compressor and high pressure controls, this air conditioner serves you just the right way.

  • Internal control options include an alarm relay, compressor time delay relay, low ambient controls and a high and low pressure control switch.

  • The various ventilation options include patented features such as a Blank-off Plate, Economizer and a Barometric Fresh Air Damper.

  • Energy Efficiency Ratio of this ac unit is 9.0 (a high ratio) implies that less energy is being consumed for its operation.

  • It comes with 3-fan speeds to regulate the air flow of the unit.

  • The normal cooling capacity extends up to a range of 11,100 BTUH (British thermal Units per Hours). This show-cases the effectiveness of the unit in cooling.

  • Electrical options (in Ampere) ranges from 115-60-1 and 230/208-1-60. The Electrical Heat Options range from 0 KW (Kilo Watt) to 5 KW (Kilo Watt).

  • One of the best features of the unit is the patented built-in rain-hood. It comes with an installed filter dryer.

  • Other features include aluminum fins/copper foils, full length mounting brackets and a super rotary compressor.

  • Being only 1 ton in weight, it is light and has been modeled stylishly and is compact.

  • It is remote controlled to give an excessively quiet performance and operation.


Bard 1 Ton Air Conditioner comes with a limited warranty of two (2) years for the sealed cooling system and a year each on all the related parts, labor requirements and in-home service. In case the parts or the product fails to perform, it will be replaced or refurbished at the discretion of the manufacturer within the stipulated time-frame of 2 years. Parts comprising this unit have been assembled with great care and precaution. The quality of the parts is of the highest degree and workmanship and hence do not corrode easily.


The model charms you with an enviable set of special features and benefits:

Energy-Efficiency: the EER being a high 9.0 shows that less energy is being consumed for its operation, cutting down your electricity bills while being eco-friendly.

Quiet Operation: The unit operates in a quiet and noise-less mode.

Low Maintenance: Comprising high quality parts, this unit is virtually hassle-free and requires no manual operation, as it comes with a remote control.

Automatic Restart: As soon as the electricity supply resumes, the unit restarts automatically.

Bard 1 Ton Wall Mounted Air Conditioner is just the perfect answer for issues of cooling offices and your residence. It is both cost-effective and efficient. The complete package sounds like a dream. Yet, it is within your grasp.

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