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Bard 6 ton Conditioner

by Keri

The Bard 6 ton conditioner is a wall-mounted unit and one of the most powerful and cooling systems. I can vouch for it completely as I have been using this air conditioner for quite sometime now. I needed a unit that could provide powerful cooling for my office. This 6 ton bard air conditioning unit seemed to be an ideal option after going through the specifications of different kinds of ac models. For my office space this particular model made a lot of sense since it is remote controlled and hardly requires any manual application.

Secondly, Bard air conditioners do offer one of the best energy efficient ratings and though I needed to pay bit more for a 9.8 EER, but it was definitely worth the amount. Since I have to ensure my energy bills are not too high either, this seemed a good deal. Ever since I bought it two years back, I have seen a considerable decrease in my monthly energy bills. The ventilation options of this unit are quite impressive and seems as if it has been designed specifically for office use. Since indoor air quality matters a lot in any office, therefore this bard 6 ton air conditioner with its motorized fresh air damper, commercial room ventilator and blank off plate seems to be an ideal option. The unit can also function well even after constant wear and tear and is undoubtedly one of the most durable units that I have ever come across.

It hardly requires any kind of heavy-duty maintenance and can work extremely well for months on end. Since it is more of an unit that is suited to industrial use therefore it can run for hours on end without any impact on its efficiency and the power to provide a comfortable cooling temperature at all times. This is one unit that I would certainly recommend to anyone planning to buy an air conditioner for their industrial unit or office.

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