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Bard Gas-Electric Air Conditioners Review

Bard Gas-Electric Air Conditioners are engineered in a manner so as to ensure high efficiency and productivity. Bard is well known in the market for its wide range of mounted air conditioners. This makes them the leader in the Wall Mount industry. Bard has gained phenomenal success in innovating air conditioning solutions for multiple purposes, like residential, commercial, schools, hospitals, etc. It has tried to find specified air conditioning solutions depending upon the requirements of the customers. This makes them the most preferred amongst the consumers.

Manufacturer´┐Żs Specifications

  • The Bard Gas-Electric Air Conditioner has a circuit breaker standard on 230/208V.

  • The rotary disconnect standard has been set on 460V.

  • The fresh air damper in the system provides up to 450 CFM.

  • The nominal cooling capacity of the bard gas/ electric air conditioner ranges from 2.0 to 5.0 tons. This exhibits the huge diversity in the products.

  • The cooling efficiency is an amazing 9.0 to 9.5 EER square.

  • The nominal heating capacity is exception ranging from 40,500 to 125,000 BTUH.

  • The heating efficiency is 81.0 AFUE.


Despite the perfection achieved by the bard gas-electric air conditioning unit, imperfections and improbable malfunctions in the machinery have been kept in view. The air conditioning unit therefore, has adopted a limited warranty policy. Though it is limited, in case of genuine need, the services offered are unmatchable and one of its kind.


The air conditioning unit has an edge over the other brands owing to the following benefits:

Mechanical Combustion System: This is of great importance, as the mechanical combustion system avoids all the inconvenience that a non mechanical combustion system would cause.

Certified: The air conditioining unit has been certified by GAMA, ARI, UL/CLU. This ensures that the product is highly efficient and completely safe for the customers.

Innumerable Ventilation Options: The air conditioning unit has various ventilation options ranging from barometric fresh air damper, blank off plate, motorized fresh air damper, commercial room ventilator, economizer and energy recovery ventilator.

Pressure Switch: A pressure switch is provided which can be regulated at high or low levels according to the need of the customer. This makes the functioning easier, simpler and well under the control of the user.

Internal Control: There are internal controls available like low ambient control and compressor time delay relay. This makes the functioning of the air conditioning unit convenient. The users can enjoy a luxurious and satisfactory time.

Specified Applications: The product has specified applications like hot gas dehumidification. This ensures that the hot gas gets dehumidified. This vouches for uninterrupted performance of the air conditioning unit.

Overall, the Bard Gas-Electric Air Conditioners are highly efficient. The manufacturers have given prime consideration to the needs and requirements of the customers, and even resorted to specific air conditioning solutions in case the need arose. It should be your nest logical choice.

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