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Bard Wall Mounted Air Conditioners Review

Bard Wall Mounted Air Conditioners are popular products naturally. With over 90 years of industry experience in manufacturing, Bard is the �King� when it comes to the wall-mount design of air conditioners. These beauties are available in many different varieties, according to the need of the customer. The two major types are- normal access and left-hand access. Bard normal access wall-mount air conditioner is available in: 1 Ton, 1.5-5 Ton and 6 Ton Units. The left-had access model has one exclusive form- 1.5-6 Ton Unit.

Manufacturer�s Specifications

Adhering to various industrial norms, Bard Wall-Mount Air Conditioners have been equipped with the following features:

Normal Access

The cooling capacity of the 1 ton air conditioner is 11,100 BTUH. For the 1.5-5 ton units, it has a different range and for the 6 ton unit, the cooling capacity is from 64,000 to 68,000 BTUH. EER stands for energy efficiency ratio. For the 1 ton and 6 ton models, the EER is 9.0 while for 1.5-5 ton unit; it is 8.7-11.3 EER. Ventilation options in all the units are the same. These include a blank-off plate, an economizer, barometric fresh air damper, energy recovery ventilator, commercial room ventilator. All of these are patented features. Electrical heat options range from 0 KW to 18 KW. (KW: Kilo Watt). All these models come with a built-in rain hood and a full length mounting bracket. Certified by the ARI (American Refrigeration Institute), the units have been made of high quality aluminium and copper foils so as to ensure a long service life. Internal Control Options include Low ambient control, alarm relay, high / low pressure switch, thermostat and a telecom DDC sensor.

Left-Hand Access

Available in the 1.5-6 Ton range, the left-hand access has also been approved by the ARI and ensures durability of the parts. Cooling efficiency ranges from 8.7 to 9.8 EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio). A high EER implies low energy intake. Electrical heat options ranges from 0 KW to 15 KW. Cooling Capacity is 18,300 to 67,000 BTUH. Equipped with exclusive ventilation and internal control options, this product is a champion in performance.


Bard Wall Mounted Air Conditioners have been assembled with high quality materials, with great care and precaution. In the normal access unit, the 1 Ton unit has been warranted for 2 years; 1.5-5 Ton unit for 3 years and the 6 Ton unit for 5 years. The left hand access has been warranted for 3 years. All the related parts and in-home service have been warranted for a year each. Underperforming and non-performing parts will be replaced or refurbished at the discretion of the manufacturer.


These air conditioners please in novel ways:

Low-Energy Intake: All the units of Bard�s Wall-mounts have a high EER, implying less energy intake. This cuts down your energy bills.

Automatic Restart: The units start functioning on their own as soon as the power supply resumes after a cut.

Durable: Being in the field since 1914, has given Bard Electronics an edge over the other manufacturers of air conditioners. All the units have a guaranteed long service life.

Loaded with select patented features, the wall-mount design is the solution to all room cooling needs. Bard Wall Mounted Air Conditioners would exceed your expectations even if you are the most optimistic person in the town.

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