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Bryant 124A Legacy Series Central air conditioner

by Tim
(Red Deer)

The Bryant 124 legacy series central air conditioner is the most advanced and latest model in central air conditioners which was the reason why I have decided to purchase the model. The exclusive features of the model like energy efficiency environmental friendly elements etc would draw any costumer towards it, but I haven�t had good experience with the product because after having it installed and working for about six months the unit�s refrigerant started leaking. Since the unit was within the guarantee period I got it repaired without having to spend any amount.

Now I have lost faith in the model and the brand. We often expect at least two years of problem free working when we spend so much and purchase the most advanced air conditioning units but my faith was shattered when the unit faced the problem and stopped functioning. When a new unit breaks down it really hurts and makes us feel very annoyed and dissatisfied.

Every time it starts functioning I fear it would breakdown any moment but I must admit since the major repair I haven�t faced any other major problems until now. One thing I really appreciate is its energy efficient feature which is quite advantageous as it reduces cost of electricity. There are a few positive features in this model if I hadn�t experienced the problem of leaking refrigerant I would have really appreciated the product because it is very efficient and performs well. The unit is also environmental friendly and can control humidity to maintain the optimum levels.

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