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Bryant 538A Preferred Series Side Discharge air conditioner

by Jim

I have purchased Bryant 538A preferred series side discharge air conditioner from a local dealer near my location. They had many brands of air conditioner and the dealer brain washed me into purchasing this particular model and brand and I ended up purchasing it. I paid the whole price after which the unit was delivered to my house and the dealer told us that the service workers would arrive the next day to install the air conditioner and I waited the next day but they did not come I constantly reminded the dealer from whom I have purchased the unit and also called the service centre to send someone to install the unit and after calling them a number of times they finally arrived after about ten days. They said they had a shortage of workers hence couldn�t come earlier and they started installing the unit.

The way they where installing made me feel that they where not at all professionals and experienced as it took them long hours to install and they where consulting someone over the phone to get instructions on installing the air conditioner unit and final after completing the installation process when they tested the air conditioner it wasn�t working. They told that there was some problem with the unit and that the problem shall be reported to the service centre.

I called up the dealer and demanded a replacement and after two days another worker from the service centre came to check the problem and found that the unit was not installed properly. He reinstalled the whole unit and when tested the unit started working properly. I would like to comment that the company�s services are not at all up to the standards and I am not satisfied at all with their services.

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