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Formed in 1904 by Charles Bryant, Bryant Air Conditioners vision is ?Doing Whatever It Takes? to make homes comfortable.

This basic philosophy has remained the same over 100 years � Trust.

Today Bryant has a wide range of products including the following:

  • Gas and Oil Furnaces

  • Fan Coils

  • Boilers

  • Air Conditioners

  • Heat Pumps

  • Packaged Products

  • Humidifiers

  • Ventilators

  • Other Air Quality Accessories

    Quality and Reliability

    Bryant Air Conditioning units have been famous for unmatched reliability and quality for over 100 years. Bryant has a tradition of testing all products to the fullest so as to ensure that the customer gets only the perfect product. Sometimes Bryant�s testing is even more stringent than the measures specified by the industry.

    Service and Support

    Bryant Air Conditioners have the distinction of providing unmatched service and support to all its customers. From getting guides and manuals to understanding warranties, Bryant is always there to help � Whatever It Takes.

    Bryant Central Air Conditioners

    These are ideal to keep the entire home cool. With an experience of over 100 years, Bryant has some of the best products available in the market. There are four different series of products and hence give customers a choice as per their requirements.

    Evolution Series Central Air Conditioners

    This is the top of the line system for air conditioning in homes. It has Consumer Digest Best Buy rating and Bryant�s highest SEER rating. It is ideal for those looking for energy efficiency, economical performance, less sound, improved indoor air quality and superior humidity control. The two models which form a part of this series are 180A and 187A.

    Preferred Series Central Air Conditioners

    These air conditioners are extremely dependent and boast a cooling capacity of 15 SEER. The use of PURON as a refrigerant makes these environment friendly. Models 165A and 163A are a part of this series.

    Preferred Series Side-Discharge Horizontal Air Conditioners

    These are ideal for places where space is a concern. They take up extremely less installation space but have an excellent cooling capacity of 15 SEER. It also provides a 10 year limited warranty on registration. Model available is 538A.

    Legacy Series Central Air Conditioner

    This series is an excellent combination of less energy consumption with reliable comfort with its 14 SEER rating cooling. Models available are 124A, 123A and 123R.

    Bryant Heat Pumps

    These are ideal for both heating and cooling. Bryant Heat Pumps are essentially ac's with a built in capability to also heat homes when required. The various product lines are:

    Evolution Series Heat Pumps

    These offer an 18 SEER cooling and heating capacity. It has also earned Consumer Digest Best Buy rating due to its being useful round the year. With a 10 year compressor warranty and a 5 year limited part warranty, both the models 288ANA and 286ANA are excellent value for money.

    Preferred Series Heat Pumps

    This series again offers year round comfort with its 15 SEER rating cooling and heating capacity. Models available are 265ANA, 264ANA and 263ANA.

    Preferred Series Side-Discharge Horizontal Heat Pumps

    These are ideal for tight spaces and provide both heating and cooling as per the climate. Model available in this series is 538B

    This series again offers year round comfort with its 15 SEER rating cooling and heating capacity. Models available are 225ANA, 224ANA, 223ANA and 223RNA.

    Bryant Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps are ideal for homes as they provide the best of cooling and heating while being energy efficient and reliable. Due to its experience of over 100 years, Bryant Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps are excellent for making homes comfortable the year round.

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