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Camping Air Conditioners

To Help You Enjoy The Outdoors

Camping air conditioners allow an a activity enjoyed by most of us as it takes us back in time and we can enjoy the basics of life. People camp in forests, parks, grassy clearings and even between high rises. The feeling of camping is something that cannot be replicated and is an excellent way to connect with nature and feel ones inner self. However, the biggest problem while camping is getting an uninterrupted night�s sleep. The hot and the humid surroundings normally ensure that a person never gets a full night�s rest. This problem has been overcome with the advent of Camping Air Conditioners. These cool tents and help people relax and sleep properly and comfortably so that they are ready for the adventures they have planned for the next day.

Many options are available to customers these days and the basic is that the units should be compact and portable so as to enable them to be placed even in small tents. The two types of air conditioner which are most popular are:

  • Normal Air Conditioning Units

    These cool the room as well as remove excess moisture very effectively. The refrigerant model will reduce the temperature in a tent by about 30 to 40 degrees F. The common rule to be followed is that a 12,000 BTU machine will cool about 125 to 150 square feet of space.

  • Evaporative Air Conditioners

    These machines blow a cool mist in the area where they are placed. Ice is used to cool air, which is then spread into the tent. These are comparatively inexpensive and lower the temperature by about 10 to 15 degrees.

    The most inexpensive and popular brand available is Kooler Aire. This machine runs on ice and about a fourth of it needs to be filled with ice. It can then be plugged into any 12 Volt car adapters to give out cool and refreshing air for long durations of time. A fan is used to draw out the hot air at the same time thereby making the entire environment comfortable.

    Camping Air Conditioners are inexpensive, easy to use and portable. These are comparatively easy to install and run on battery power. These can be used in tents, boats, planes and any other small enclosed space. The best bargains can be driven at the end of the camping season i.e. in winters. These are mostly hassle free and service and maintenance are not major issues. The only thing that a customer needs to be wary off is that the accessories are almost always sold separately. Heat strips and filters have to be bought and can add on to the overall cost but as the units are themselves inexpensive, it does not really make a large dent in the pocket of customers.

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