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Carrier Model # 25HBA336A300 Air Conditioner

by Sherry K

Three year old unit had a defective part---the Accumulator. It went bad way too soon. Carrier was forced, unhappily I might add, to replace the part at an expense of about $50.00 but would NOT stand behind the fact that the puron that leaked as a result of their defective part would not be covered. Our out of pocket for a three year old unit was $775.00. Labor and Puron. Ridiculous? Sure. But not as ridiculous as the attitude and responses of the Carrier Representatives.

Should you buy a Carrier product? Only if you are a wealthy masochist. They are not good in performance (we have two units in our home and it hasn't ever really been cool), the company does NOT stand behind their product, and their representatives are definitely NOT customer friendly.

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