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Computer Room Air Conditioners

Traditionally a office was a place where computers were housed and huge computer room air conditioners were placed. In the early ages of the computer industry, computers were extremely complex and required special conditions to function. Over time the IT Industry has progresses by leaps and bounds and now computers and servers are much more advanced, though they still need some special conditions. These special conditions included a temperature range of 20 to 25 degrees Celsius, a humidity of 40% to 55% and a maximum dew point of 17 degrees Celsius.

This is where Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC) comes in the picture. These air conditioners maintain the ideal temperature, air distribution and humidity to ensure that the computers or servers are safe and are provided with excellent conditions to function to their maximum capacity and capability.

These Air Conditioning units are sometimes also known as Liquid Cooling Systems, Air Cooling Systems, Water Cooled Systems, Air Cooled Systems, Fluid Cooling Systems, Network Room Air Conditioning Units, Calibrated Vector Cooling, Data Centre Air Conditioning Units and CRAC.

Hot and Cold Aisles

The Hot and Cold Aisles have hot and cold air respectively. Ofices almost always have a raised floor where cold air is pumped in at high pressure. This causes the hot air to rise as it is lighter than cold air. At a specific height, this hot air is captured by the air Conditioning units and cooled and subsequently pumped back at the floor level. This process is repeated continuously to keep the temperature in the computer room at the acceptable level. The Aisles are extremely important as they do not let the hot and cold air mix. This effectively improves the cooling of computer room air conditioners, in turn reducing costs.

Some of the more popular brands of these types of ac`s are:

Daewoo DWC-060CL � This ac unit is ideal for cooling areas between 150 and 200 square feet. It boasts a cooling capacity of 5950 BTU.

Haier HPAC9M � With its built in wheels, this air conditioning unit provides easy mobility. It combines a 9000 BTU cooling with a light weight of 71 pounds.

OceanAire OWC1211 Portable Water Cooled r � This 13780 BTU air conditioner comes with an electronic control panel.

Soleus Mini Split Air Conditioner System � This air conditioner system is 10.2 SEER and has 18000 BTU cooling.

Some organizations use standard portable air conditioners in their office and work spaces. Though this is effective some times but it is always better and safer to have specialized Computer Room Air Conditioners. These days the value of data and information is paramount and almost everything is stored in computers, hence these appliances are an absolute must to keep an organization functioning.

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