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Crosley CAE12ESR Mid Size Air Conditioner

With Up To 90 Different Fan Settings

Crosley CAE12ESR Mid Size Air Conditioner provides total value of money. This new product from Crosley proves again that the impeccable reputation Crosley enjoys with the customers stands justified. The model with features such as the 12000 BTUs of cooling capacity, the 8-way air direction control, the tilt-out filter access, the energy saver mode along with the energy star rating are enough for any air conditioner to be the favorite of any would-be-customer.

Manufacturer�s Specifications

  • It packs 12000 BTUs of cooling capacity.

  • The 8-way direction control ensures that the air is circulated evenly.

  • The air conditioner has an Energy Star rating which is enough to talk about the functional quality of the conditioner.

  • An energy saver mode as well as a sleep mode are on board so that energy does not go waste.

  • It has up to 90 different settings for the fan along with a fully functional remote control.

  • The air conditioner has a temperature sensing thermostat.

  • Room sizes from 490 square feet to 640 square feet could be cooled easily.

  • The cooling unit measures 14 inches in height, 19 inches in width and 19.75 inches in depth


Crosley�s name has been analogous with performance over the years and has not given the customer any chance to crib over any technical problems. However, taking care of the worst case scenario that there is a manufacturing defect, the company provides a 1 year warranty on simple labor and a 5 year warranty on the compressor. The warranty takes care of any problem arising due to technical issues.


Crosley has always been associated with products which have advantages over the other products in its category. This product from Crosley is no different and its benefits are as follows:

Good Cooling Power: The air conditioner has got a cooling capacity of 12000 BTUs which is very good in its category. The air conditioner can very easily cool any area up to 600 square feet.

Direction Control: The 8-way air direction control very effectively distributes the air all around the room so that no corner of the room is spared. The air conditioner with its direction control can cool any area.

Different Modes: The air conditioner has modes such as the energy saver mode and the sleep mode which economize your power expenditure. In the energy saver mode the air conditioner works on less amount of energy.

Versatility: Different fan speed settings let the user regulate the amount of cooling he needs. The air conditioner also has a tilt-out filter which is of great use and can be easily cleaned up.

Temperature Sensors: The air conditioner has got temperature sensing remote control with thermostat which can easily regulate the temperature as and when required.

With intelligent automation and trustworthy hardware to back it, the machine is closest to perfection. The Crosley CAE12ESR Mid Size Air Conditioner fulfills all the needs of any average user and is indeed just the ideal solution for any and every requirement of the user.

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