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by Tim

When I went to purchase my Panasonic CS/CU W7DKR air conditioner I was really very impressed and relieved to find such an air conditioning unit that can heat as well as cool the air. We experience both hot and cold climate and when it is hot it is extremely hot and when cold it is extremely cold hence our requirements for air conditioning where for both heating as well as cooling. I thought of purchasing two separate units and when I found this model of Panasonic air conditioner that operates both as a cooling and a heating unit I thought why not give it a try.

I have been using my Panasonic CS/CU air conditioner for about a year and have tried it on all weather conditions and found it very efficient. This model of Panasonic is a wall hung split air conditioner with dual functioning both heating and cooling; it is the most compact and energy efficient air conditioner. I find it very energy efficient while heating as well as cooling. It is also certified with energy stars both in the cooling as well as heating function.

The air conditioner is installed in my living room which is 300 square feet and I can feel the coziness even when it is extremely cold outside and during the hot season with my Panasonic split air conditioner set to cooling option I feel very comfortable in my living room. Another feature that I really admire in my Panasonic air conditioner is that it can remove excess moisture in the air and I feel very comfortable while the unit is functioning. There is also an air filter which helps in purifying the air and removes all the allergens thus providing us clean and improved circulating air.

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