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Daikin air conditioners are regarded as a pioneer in the field of air conditioning.

It is no wonder that they are the ideal choice for both residential and commercial use.

If you are planning to install an air conditioning unit in your home or your office, then you need to look no further than this brand as they are known worldwide for offering Absolute Comfort� with their innovative air conditioning units.

Residential air conditioning units

The Daikin air conditioners are categorized as split systems, VRV-S systems, wall units, floor units and ceiling units.

Split systems: The split systems contain two kinds of air conditioning units, where one is designed as a single split and the second one is a multi-split.

  • Single Split The single split includes an outdoor unit (RX) meaning standard efficiency or (RXS) meaning high efficiency. This is supported by an outdoor unit (FDXS) implying high efficiency and (FTXS) for standard efficiency.

  • Multi Split As the name implies, multi-split is the ideal Daikin air conditioning solution for multiple cooling requirements as it comes in 2-port multi-split system and 4-port multiple system.

    2. VRV-S� Heat Pump (RXYMQ) With the capability to connect up to five indoor units to one compact and powerful outdoor unit makes VRV-S� the perfect air conditioner for both residential and small commercial projects.

    3. Wall Units VRV-S System (FXAQ) is the wall unit air conditioner that features auto-swing facility and wide-air discharge.

    4. Floor Units The VRV-S system, which basically integrates inverter technology to offer air conditioning solutions for multiple zones offer three different types of air conditioning units:

    Floor-Standing (FXLQ) Ideal for saving space, the FXLQ unit can be either freestanding or installed along the length of the wall.

    Floor-Standing (FXNQ) This allows you to save space through its air conditioning units that can be wall-mounted or freestanding and can even be concealed.

    Vertical Air Handling (FXOQ) Ranging from 1 to 4 tons, this ac unit with an up flow air handler includes built-in filter rack and insulation that checks air-leakage.

    5. Ceiling Units The ceiling units from Daikin air conditioners gives you the choice to either install a concealed ac ceiling unit, a ceiling mounted cassette or a ceiling suspended unit.

    Concealed Ceiling (FXMQ) This medium static concealed ceiling model is ideal for larger spaces as it allows you to conceal the unit through a ceiling-mounted duct.

    4-way (3' x 3') (FXFQ) This is a ceiling mounted cassette that allows airflow to be sent in any of four directions.

    4-Way (2' x 2') (FXZQ) This ceiling mounted cassette has a compact casing that facilities the air conditioning unit to fit flush into ceilings without any damage to the ceiling tiles.

    Concealed Ceiling (FXSQ) This is ideal for small zones and blends in seamlessly with any kind of d�cor. The models range between 12,000 Btu/h to 48,000 Btu/h.

    Ceiling Suspended (FXHQ) This slim fitting ceiling-suspended unit with wide air openings provides a comfortable airflow and a quiet operation.

    Commercial Air Conditioning Units Whether you are searching for that perfect outdoor unit or an elegant indoor unit, Daikin air conditioners offer a range of innovative products to meet all kinds of commercial requirements.

    1. Outdoor Units Under the outdoor units for commercial purpose, the VRV system has four types of air conditioners while Sky Air System has one model. VRV Systems The various models of Daikin air conditioners under VRV system offer features suh as inverter technology that facilitates individual control up to 24 fan coil units and the option to choose from multiple cooling capacities ranging between 6 to 16 tons. VRV Inverter Heat Pump (RXYQ) VRV Heat Recovery (REYQ) VRV-WII - (RWEYQ) Sky Air System This offers inverter technology and the option to choose from cooling capacity of 6, 8, 12, 14 and 16 tons. � SkyAir Heat Pump (RZQ) 2. Indoor Ceiling Units The indoor ceiling units include air conditioning models under VRV systems and SkyAir systems. VRV Systems

    Whether you need a Daikin air-conditioning unit for an office, shop or a restaurant, these VRV system units are equipped to offer cooling solutions to all kinds of commercial environments: � 4-Way (3'x3') Ceiling-Mounted Cassette (FXFQ)

    � 4-Way (2'x2') Ceiling-Mounted Cassette (FXZQ)

    � Ceiling-Suspended Unit (FXHQ)

    � Concealed Ceiling Unit - Medium Static (FXMQ)

    � Concealed Ceiling Unit (FXSQ) and Slim Built-In Unit (FXDQ)

    Sky Air System

    Compact and lightweight with sound pressure levels and equal airflow distribution, the following two models from the Sky Air Systems will suit the requirement of any commercial complex.

    4-Way Ceiling-Mounted Cassette (FCQ)

    Ceiling-Suspended Unit (FHQ)

    3. Indoor Wall Units Only VRV System caters to this category with the model Wall-Mounted Units (FXAQ) that is ideal for cooling or heating small zones like hotel rooms, restaurants, computer rooms and stores.

    4. Indoor Floor Units VRV System manufactures three types of indoor floor units that are ideal for space-saving complexes such as schools, hospitals, offices, stores etc.

    Floor-Standing Units (FXLQ)

    Floor-Standing Units (FXNQ)

    Vertical Air Handling Unit (FXOQ)

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