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Daikin Ceiling-Suspended Unit (FHQ)

by Fred

I own a small art gallery in Texas and have installed Daikin ceiling suspended unit (FHQ) air conditioner. It is a perfect air conditioner suitable for my gallery as they are ceiling suspended. The main advantage on installing a ceiling suspended unit is that unlike wall mounting units it doesn�t hinder my wall space hence I can save that much space to hang more paintings. Since mine is an art gallery the wall and floor space are very important and a wall mounted air conditioner would even break the continuous feel of art admirers and an air conditioner near the art works will not harmonize and would distract the customers feelings.

The Daikin ceiling air conditioner is very sleek and compact and since it is installed suspended from the ceiling, cool air is circulate evenly through out the room and hence provides a comfortable and perfect cooling solution in every nook and corner of the gallery. Even if the gallery is a bit crowded I never use to feel hot or uncomfortable with my model of ceiling air conditioner.

The performance of this unit is perfect and the unit is also very energy efficient. This latest and innovative air conditioner is in fact a piece of art and is hence the most sought out air conditioners especially suitable for commercial purposes where space is a constraint and optimum cooling is a necessity. The unit is very slim and attractive and requires very little maintenance. The unit has a wide air opening which ensures that comfortable air flow is circulated. The unit also functions extremely silent that it suites perfectly the ambience required for my gallery. So Overall my air conditioner review for this unit is positive.

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