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Emerson 12GJ14 Air Conditioner

General Review

Emerson 12GJ14 Air Conditioner comes from the Quiet Kool Series from Emerson Climate Technologies. Its Ultratech thermostat is an excellent three in one innovation to control humidity, temperature and also protects the scroll compressor. It drives the perfect blend between the fan speed and the two stage compressor to derive the maximum cooling hence increasing the effectiveness of the machine while saving valuable energy at the same time. In case any severe faults occur, which may harm the compressor, the thermostat shuts down the system automatically thereby protecting the compressor. This feature alone makes this air conditioner one of the most popular in the market as not only does it maintains the required environmental friendly conditions but also enhances the life of the air conditioner.

Manufacturers Specifications

  • It has a cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU and can easily cool areas up to 550 square feet.

  • It comes with Comfort Alert Diagnostics for higher customer satisfaction.

  • It also boasts a Copeland Scroll Compressor for better performance.

  • It has a width of 24.75 inches, a depth of 22.38 inches and a height of 16.38 inches.

It boasts an Energy Efficiency Rating of 9 EER and hence saving on fuel bills at all times.

Warranty Information

Emerson Climate Technologies offers to either replace or repair the product or refund the purchase price to the customer if there is any kind of defects in material used or workmanship within a period of 1 year. The organization is liable for a period of 12 months from the time that the products are used but does not cover losses or damage due to misuse, abuse, neglect, accident, improper installation, use of unsuitable power source and unauthorized alteration or modification.


  • It comes with the world famous Copeland Scroll Compressor, which has over 20 years of design experience. It is the ideal choice for customers looking for lower sound levels, higher efficiency, excellent reliability and superior durability. The life of this compressor is much longer as compared to other similar compressors.

  • Its through the wall design makes it easy and convenient to install outside the house. This helps in conserving space inside the room and makes it a popular choice.


  • The sound given by this machine could have been lower and would have made the air conditioner even more popular with customers.

Overall Review

Emerson 12GJ14 Air Conditioner comes with Extra Klean filter drier, which is a combination of 40 micron filter and a 20 micron filter. These two filters combine to eliminate dust, dirt and any other unwanted particles from the room and ensure that the air supplied is completely clean and germ free.

To top it all, the Comfort Alert Diagnostics guarantees better reliability and superior speed of service at all times.

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