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Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

Putting Savings Back Into Your Pocket

Plainly put Energy Efficient Air Conditioners save you money. Air conditioning can be very expensive especially in hot and humid conditions. Older machines are traditionally less energy efficient and consume a lot of energy to function and should be replaced by newer and more Energy Efficient Air Conditioners. The best option available to the customers is to shift to Energy Star Qualified air conditioners, which may be expensive to buy but more than cover up due to their lower operational costs while protecting the environment at the same time. They follow guidelines as set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy.

The homes fitted with these new machines are attractive to prospective buyers due to their better overall indoor environment. To top it all the new administration has started offering Tax Credits of up to $ 300 for replacing the old air conditioning equipment with energy efficient units. This coupled with enhanced performance and lower energy bills are driving the sale of Energy Star Qualified air conditioners.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating or the SEER is a correct measure of how energy efficient an air conditioner actually is. A higher SEER denotes a more energy efficient unit and it is basically calculated by dividing the BTU per hour of the unit by the electricity consumed. Other measures of the energy efficiency of an air conditioner are Energy Efficiency Ratio and Coefficient of Performance.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER standards as set by US Government

System efficiency is accurately depicted by SEER ratings. From the beginning of 2006, all air conditioners sold in the country should have a minimum SEER rating of 13. The energy saving is enormous and by upgrading an air conditioner from SEER 9 to SEER 13, the resultant savings are approximately 30%.

There are numerous companies providing Energy Efficient Air Conditioners. Some of them are as follows:

A. Haier Air Conditioners � There are a number of energy star qualified air conditioners available from Haier. Some of the models available are ESA 3059, ESA 3089, ESA 3069, ESA 3109, ESA 3159, ESA 3125, ESA 3189, ESA 3186 and ESA 3259.

B. American Standard Air Conditioner � The Energy Efficient Air Conditioners available from this brand include Allegiance 20 Communications Air Conditioner, Allegiance 16 Communications Air Conditioner, Allegiance 16 Air Conditioner, Allegiance 15 Air Conditioner, Allegiance 14 Air Conditioner and many more.

C. Bryant Air Conditioners � This organization offers a number of energy efficient choices including 180A, 187A, 165A, 163A and 538A.

D. Sanyo Air Conditioner � The various models available are 09KS71, 09KLS71, 12KS71, 26KS72R, 26TW72R, 36TW72R and 42TW72R.

E. Ducane Air Conditioners � This organization boasts of a very simple maintenance and installation process and some of the energy efficient models available are 2AC14 (B,L) 18P, 2AC14 (B,L) 36P, 2AC13 (B,L) 36P-2B, 2AC13 (B,L) 48P-1B, 4AC 13(B,L) 18P-2B, 4AC 13(B,L) 30P-2B and 4AC 13(B,L) 36P-2B.

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