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Everstar MPA-08CR Portable Air Conditioner Review

Everstar MPA-08CR Portable Air Conditioner is a low end portable air conditioning unit. It is attractive and a smart product with extra functionality modes. This air conditioner is a long way ahead of its generation. It can act as a stationary fan or a dehumidifier which makes it different from its contemporaries. Everstar air conditioners have made life so easy these days that people don’t have to worry about the scorching heat and the chilling winter nights. Especially while these amazing products are pretty much affordable, they do not compromise on delivering the goods.

Manufacturer’s Specifications

  • This air conditioner has a cooling and heating capacity of about 8000 BTUs/hr.

  • It consumes a total of 850 W per 15 amps power consumption during the heating and cooling process takes up just 1250 W at 11.0 Amps

  • This air conditioner comes with 3 cooling settings (cool/fan/dry) and three fan speeds.

  • It has a flexible 2-way air deflection system.

  • The convenience is accented by a dehumidifier that removes 52 pints of moisture per day.

  • This unit is designed to cool rooms of 250-300 square feet efficiently.

  • The dimensions of this air conditioner unit are given as 15.3" x 18" x 32.7" (Width x Depth x Height) which makes it possible to be installed on windows.

  • The weight of the air conditioner is about 84 lbs or 38.1 kg.


All the Everstar products come with a one year warranty period despite high levels of efficiency and suitability, in case the users find themselves in some kind of problem. Such problems can be dealt with easily without any inconvenience to the users. This product comes with a one year warranty period.


Everstar MPA-08CR Portable Air Conditioners have an edge over other brands of the class due to features like:-

Cooling Capacity: - The unit might have a low capacity of 8000 BTUs but it does what it is meant for. Unlike other air conditioners this product solves the basic purpose of its design by cooling the room in minutes.

Multiple Cooling Settings: - With a host of options to regulate the temperature, you need not switch it off every time it gets too cold.

Regulated Air Flow: The air conditioner comes with 3 fan speeds to control the air flow giving the user power over the draft.

Competent AC unit: With an energy efficiency ratio (EER) as high as 9.4, be content that you are doing your bit to protect the environment.

All-time Timer: - These air conditioner units are also fitted with a 24 hour timer, with which the users can choose the operation duration and time of desire without being disturbed.

On the whole, Everstar MPA-08CR Portable Air Conditioners come as a complete package with absolutely no flaws. This unit does its work efficiently without giving a chance to complain. These air conditioners deserve to be given a shot for their awesome features.

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