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Everstar MPK-10CR Generic Portable Air Conditioner Review

Everstar MPK-10CR Generic Portable Air Conditioner is a smart and gifted air conditioning unit. Technically, this air conditioning product is pretty different from the other such products. This unit gives 10,000 BTUs/hr of high-speed cooling capacity. Moreover, it offers three suitable ways to make the room humidity free. This product has new and advanced self-evaporating feature that removes the need to change water trays or buckets. Accessories such as a full-function remote, window door vent kit and adjustable thermostat accompany the main unit. Not just that, the practicality of these air conditioners is that they are not beyond the reach of customers.

Manufacturer�s Specifications

  • The air conditioning unit has an outstanding cooling and heating ability of about 10,000 BTUs/hr.

  • The power input and the current operating for cooling and heating purposes are 1050 W per 9.5 Amps.

  • The air conditioner needs a 115V/60HZ single phase power supply in order to give best results.

  • The air flow volume in the air conditioner is 330m3/h.

  • The moisture removal capacity is about 2 ltrs/hr.

  • This air conditioning unit can efficiently cool and heat up rooms of 16-22 m2 in minutes.

  • The net dimensions of this air conditioning product is given as 460x840x325 mm (Width x Depth x Height)

  • The gross weight of the ac is 41 kgs.


Mostly, Everstar units are neat and perfect. Still, regardless of any specific model, these units come with a one-year warranty. Users can have their products checked up when they see a hitch. The service features of Everstar Air Conditioners give an edge to their contest.


Everstar MPK-10CR Generic Portable Air Conditioner has a host of features which persuades people to go for it instead.

No Installations: This product doesn�t need expert installation. It is very easy to set up with its step-by-step manual. Users now don�t have to wait for the company people.

Self- Evaporating System: The unit has a bucket less, self evaporating system that helps in automatic removal of water. which saves not only the time but also the effort of the users trying to empty those water trays.

Portable: This unit carries an integrated 24-hour ON/OFF timer that lets the users to set the on/off time of the portable room air conditioner as per their convenience, thereby saving energy.

Germ-free Air Flow: These air conditioners have an advanced Bio Filter Air Filtration that keeps the air free from germs, fungi and dust.

Automatic Restart: In case of electricity cut, while sleeping at the middle of the night, this air conditioner doesn�t need to be switched on again as it will start automatically once the power is back.

Everstar MPK-10CR Generic Portable Air Conditioner is one of the gifts that technology has given to human beings. These units of air conditioning are not jus cheap but very portable unlike the traditional ones. No wonder they are becoming a necessity.

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