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Everstar MPA 08 Portable Air Conditioner

by Ashi

Portable air conditioners where not very popular in our country three years back and I came to know about its advantage only when I went to visit my relatives house living abroad and planning to settle in India. They had an imported model of sharp portable air conditioner in their house in India and when I went to visit them I found that the portable air conditioner can be moved easily and conveniently from one room to another I really got attracted to the unit that I longed to have one in my house.

I contacted my brother living abroad to send me by cargo a portable air conditioner and within a month this model air conditioning unit was delivered at my door steps and I was very exited on receiving it that I started using it the very same day I got it. It was fine for the first few weeks and after that it started leaking, since it was purchased from abroad the servicing and replacement was close to impossible. I haven�t seen any positive features in this MPA model as compared to the sharp portable air conditioner which I have seen at my relative�s house. The portable air conditioner unit that I have is very loud when functioning and also requires a lot of maintenance and above all it leaks whenever it starts functioning.

Now whenever I am in need of cool air I would really hate to think of the process of dragging it out, cleaning the filters and the clogged drains and then using it and instead feel that it is better to bear the heat rather than go for such tedious task involving a lot of energy.

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