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Everstar MPK 10 CR Portable Air Conditioner

by Sam
(North Dakota)

I recently bought the Everstar MPK 10 CR portable air conditioner for it has got a lot of positive features that they are very convenient to use and cools perfectly, considering its positive features I also started preferring portable ac units and now I own this model of air conditioning units which functions perfectly. The main advantage that I have come across with the unit is that it can be rolled to anywhere and is very mobile and are not at all heavy. Since we are a very small family where only me and my husband are the only members in our house a fixed air conditioner unit in all the rooms would not only be very expensive but also would be of very little use and a waste of money and that is what made us choose a portable cooling unit and we are very happy with this model and think it is one of the best air conditioners we have ever owned.

Even though the Everstar portable AC is a bit louder than other fixed air conditioners the noise is bearable. Such portable air conditioners do not require any drilling or making holes over the wall to install the unit. The unit provides us the optimum cooling solution and are very cost effective and energy efficient since a single unit is all that you require to cool places where ever you require cooling. I even place it in my kitchen while cooking and now does not feel the extreme heat that usually makes my work in the kitchen very stressful and tiresome. With this portable unit we now never feel hot in which ever room we are occupied.

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