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Fedders A6Q10F2A Air Conditioner

General Review

Fedders A6Q10F2A Air Conditioner is amongst the most affordable models from the house of Fedders. Adjustable thermostat is the unique selling point of this AC.

Manufacturer�s Specifications

  • Cooling BTU: 10000

  • Heating BTU: 4000

  • Power Consumption: 1020 W

  • Power Supply: 115 V

  • Energy Efficiency Rating, i.e. EER: 9.8

  • Cooling Area: 450 sq. ft.

  • Number of �cool settings�: 3

  • Number of �fan speeds�: 3

  • Dimensions: 20 (W) X 19.88 (D) X 12.5 (H) inches

  • Weight: 60 lbs

    Special Features

  • Color: Gray

  • Timer: With Timer

  • Chassis Type: Fixed

  • With Remote Control

  • Slide out filter provided with

  • Adjustable thermostat

  • Electric Touch Control

  • Cabinet made up of galvanized steel

  • Side panels expandable

  • Coil damage prevented by rear grille


    This AC has been provided with limited warranty of 5 years. This states that within 5 years of date of purchase, one can get the air conditioner replaced or repaired; that too, without having shelled out anything.

    However, this service can be availed of only if company technician is consulted. An outsider would, on the contrary, end up making the same service payable. It must be noted that company would not bear the losses incurred by customer due to defects caused in this air conditioner.


  • Quiet Operation

  • Negligible maintenance

  • User-friendly


  • Heavy

  • Bulky

  • Costly

    Overall Review

    Fedders A6Q10F2A Air Conditioner is, in actual sense, a great air conditioner to operate. It�s equipped with several useful features; like an adjustable thermostat, expandable side panels, slide out filter, electric touch control, and many more.

    Cabinet of the given sir conditioning system is made up of galvanized steel, which is resistant against corrosion. Coil damage also gets prevented via rear grille. One can adjust temperature through electric touch control.

    This control system can also be used to adjust timer operation and fan speed. Set temperature is shown by an extremely convenient �digital display�. Robust construction, as stated above, ensures longer life-span.

    Moreover, user doesn�t have to be tech-savvy to operate this air conditioning device. Instruction manual has every minute thing explained in details. Rough handling would, by no means, affect the performance of this air conditioner.

    Even if this AC is mounted on an uneven surface, the output would be same whatsoever. Hence, one should go for this air conditioning device soon.

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