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Fedders A7U08W2A Air Conditioner

General Review

Fedders A7U08W2A Air Conditioner is a good model. One can say this as it can boast of loads of features which happen to be quite handy. Moreover, this Fedders AC is �Energy Star� qualified.

Manufacturer�s Specifications

  • BTU: 8000

  • Energy Efficiency Rating, i.e. EER: 9.4

  • Number of �Fan Speeds�: 3

  • Dimensions: 24.667 (W) X 21 (D) X 14.5 (H) inches

  • Adjustable thermostat dehumidifier: 2.5 pints/hour

  • Area Covered: 340 sq. ft.

  • Electrical ratings: 115/15 V, 7.5 A

  • Power Consumption: 842 W

  • Cooling ratings: 125/15 V

    Special Features

  • Automatic Shut off

  • Digital Control

  • Fan Function

  • Remote

  • Timer

  • Washable Filter

  • Energy Star Compliant: Yes

  • Type of air conditioner: Wall

  • 24-hour Of/on timer

  • Energy Save Function

  • One degree temperature adjust


    This AC has been provided with limited warranty of five years. This states that within 5 years of date of purchase, one can get the air conditioner replaced or repaired; that too, absolutely free-of-cost.

    However, company technician needs to be consulted for this purpose. An outsider would, instead, make the same service payable. It must be noted that company would not be bearing the responsibility of losses incurred by customer due to defects caused in this air conditioning system.


  • Quiet Operation

  • User-friendly

  • Tremendous EER


  • Bulky

  • Heavy

  • Costly

    Overall Review

    Fedders A7U08W2A Air Conditioner has handy features that make it one amongst the most sought-after air conditioners in the market. Energy Save Function employed by this AC drastically improves its demand; as majority of people are buying energy-savers these days.

    Auto cool mode helps a great deal. Full-feature remote control fastens up the process of automation. Coil damage can be prevented by �corrosion resistant, galvanized, steel cabinet�. Robust construction of this air conditioner ensures long life.

    Plus, the user is not required to be technically strong to learn the operation of this AC. Instruction manual would do the necessary job. In other words, even the person from a non-technical background would be able to operate this air conditioner system, that too, with 100% efficiency.

    Rough handling would not hamper the performance of this air conditioning system. If this air conditioner is mounted on any of the uneven surfaces, it won�t give less output. The results would be the same whatsoever.

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