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Friedrich PDE07K PTAC Air Conditioner

Friedrich PTAC PDE07K Air Conditioner is known for offering over 40 standard features. High energy efficiency rating combined with features that enhance durability and facilitate easy maintenance, Friedrich PTAC PDE07K air conditioner is an ideal air cooling solution for various commercial purposes including the hospitality industry.

Manufacturer Specifications

  • Friedrich PTAC PDE07K Air Conditioner features a BTU cooling capacity of 7500/7300

  • The air conditioning unit offers a high energy efficiency rate of 12.2, which means more savings on your energy bills.

  • It comes with 230/208 volts and cooling amps of 2.9.

  • It features cooling watts of 615 and room air circulation rate of 250CFM.

  • The specially designed soft start/stop feature reduces transitional noise which usually occurs with the compressor start-up.

  • The rotary compressor is mounted with vibration isolators to allow the compressor running smoothly and quietly.

  • The new ultra quiet air system moves the air quietly and efficiently.

  • It features energy controls such as separate heating and cooling range limits.

  • More run time is ensured in the heat pump mode through the electronic defrost control.

  • Filtered fresh air intake ensures a high quality of indoor air.

  • Friedrich PTAC PDE07K Air Conditioner features Diamonblue Technology that offers advanced corrosion protection.

  • The tamper resistant grille, clamshell motor and dual thumbscrews along with power coat paint finish are just some of the features that provide longer product life and durability.

  • The Smart Center will automatically monitor room temperature every nine minutes to ensure a pleasant room environment is maintained.

  • The �Instant Heat� pump mode quickly heats a room to get the desired effect.

  • The room freeze protection automatically initiates heat if the room temperature comes down to 40�F in an unoccupied room.

  • It fits into PTAC sleeves without a baffle kit.

  • Emergency heat override is responsible for heat mode operation and it even functions if there�s a compressor failure.

  • Top-mounted antimicrobial air filters offer protection from fungal and bacterial growth.


The warranty for 18 months from the original date or purchase or 12 months from installation covers any defect in the unit�s workmanship or material will be repaired or replaced free of charge by the authorized service centre during normal working hours.

The limited warranty on the sealed refrigeration system from 2nd to 5th year covers 66 months from the date of purchase. The sealed refrigeration system refers to the compressor, metering device, evaporator, condenser, reversing valve, interconnecting tube and check valve. Under this warranty any part of the sealed refrigeration system on P-series, which is defective in material or workmanship will be repaired or replaced free of charge by the authorized service center during normal working hours.

These warranties are applicable only while the unit is installed at the original site and only for the air conditioners that remain within United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Canada. It is also important that the unit is installed and operated according to the printing instructions and should be in compliance of the local installation and building codes and trade practices.


  • Energy Efficiency - With high energy efficiency rating of 12.2, Friedrich PTAC PDE07K Air Conditioner is ideal for cutting down on your energy bills.

  • Automatic room temperature monitoring - The Smart Center automatically runs the fan to monitor proper room temperature while heat monitoring automatically allows heat boost if necessary.

  • One Touch Option � In case the unit is powered off, it can be returned to heating or cooling mode directly by using the �Heat� or �Cool� buttons. Therefore the tasks of managing the controls are much easier.

  • Remote Thermostat Operation � Friedrich PTAC PDE07K Air Conditioner allows for controls to be monitored through either a wall mounted thermostat remote control or built-in controls.

  • Durability � The Diamonblue Technology combined with tamper resistant grille, clamshell motor and power coat paint finish provide corrosion protection and ensure longer life and durability. Indoor coil frost sensor or increases the longevity of the unit.

  • Quiet and Efficient � While the rotary compressor along with vibration isolators ensure the compressor runs quietly and smoothly, the ultra quiet air system moves the air very quietly thereby ensuring your enjoy a really quiet cooling experience.

  • Easy Serviceability � This is facilitated by the single motor design, antimicrobial air filters and service error code storage. While the single motor design ensures there are fewer parts to maintain, the antimicrobial air filters provide easy accessibility and are easy to clean. The service area code storage helps in identifying unit diagnostics.

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