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Frigidaire FAH08ES1T Built-In Room Air Conditioner

Frigidaire FAH08ES1T Built-In Room Air Conditioner is an air conditioning unit by Frigidaire, a major manufacturer of home appliances and outdoor power equipment. It is one among the various range of home air conditioner by Frigidaire.

It is small sized and the includes a universal interior trim kit that makes it possible to fit in any existing sleeve. This air conditioner not only monitors your room temperature, but due to its anti bacterial filter it reduces the bacteria level in the surrounding creating a healthy environment.

Manufacturer´┐Żs Specification

  • FAH08ES1T comes in off-white color only. It is certified by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturer (AHAM) and also has the safety certificate by Underwriters Laboratories (UL/CUL).

  • FAH08ES1T weighs 69 pounds and its dimensions are 14.5 X 24 X 20.5 inches.

  • Yearly operating cost of FAH08ES1T is $68 only.

  • It comes with an anti bacterial mesh type filter.

  • It has 3 level speed controls for both fan and air cooler and 4 way air direction control.

  • It has electronic controls with temperature readout display device which allows the user to set the temperature precisely to his comfort level.

  • It is accompanied with a full functioning sleek remote control.

  • It has a maximum motor speed of 1360 RPM.

  • It also has the ability of low voltage start ups.

  • Its electrical operating parameters are: Voltage- 115 V/ 60 Hz; Current- (cool) 7.4 Amp and (Heat) 11.5 Amp; Power- (cool) 850 watts and (heat) 1250 watts

  • It can cool an area of 350 sq feet with an energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 9.4.


According to the manufacturer, FAH08ES1T has a one year full warranty on it. If the product needs repair or replacement within this specific time, it is done by the company. This model is recognized for its robustness and simple managing. It is available at a reasonable price. Due to its low power operation, it cuts down the electricity bill significantly.

The annual operation cost of this central air conditioner is a moderately low sum of $ 68. Parts of Frigidaire FAH08ES1T Built-In room Air Conditioner are easily obtainable from the marketplace . The parts of the FAA082P7A models are created with great precision preserving the premier industrial standards.


Reliable: This air conditioner model has been prevailing in the market for fairly long time and has established itself as a product of high reliability.

Remote Controlled: The basic controls of this air conditioning unit are electronically designed and made simple to use through digital display signs and a remote control, thus making the model a user friendly one. Also using the remote control one can set the temperature from anywhere in the room.

Safety Aides: The manufacturers of FAH08ES1T have emphasized a lot on user safety measures. This air conditioning model is equipped with an in built device to detect and interpret any current leakage in the appliance. It also monitors the power cord for any probable damage and if the cord is found to be damaged at any point of the functioning the power is automatically terminated.

Multi Step Fan: FAH08ES1T ac unit comes with a three level speed control design. This allows the user to set the air conditioning unit at a desired level of comfort from among the three convenient level of air cooling. Its temperature readout display device allows the user to set the temperature precisely to his comfort level.

Anti Bacterial Filter: Along with the usual air conditioning services it also offers some added features to the user like reducing the bacteria level and other air borne particles from the surrounding environment. Thus not only making the room cool but also offering a healthy environment.

Sleep Mode: This air conditioning model provides it user with sleep mode facility which automatically increases the room temperature by 2 degrees after first 30 minutes of operation and then an additional 2 degrees after an hour. Later, the controls return the temperature to the original preset one after 7 hours.

Frigidaire FAH08ES1T Built-In Room Air Conditioner is an easy to use, reliable remote control enabled air conditioner. It is available at reasonable price and its low operation costs saves good deal of power. It comes with a unique universal trim kit. It ranks high amid different safety parameter. Along with air cooling it offers additional services like bacterial control function and sleep mode facility. Altogether it is among the finest home air conditioning devices offered in the marketplace.

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