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Fujitsu Air Conditioners

Fujitsu Air Conditioners are known the world over for providing top class air conditioners at competitive prices. They provide numerous options to choose from and it is extremely rare that a customer is unable to find a model which fulfills his needs completely.

Various options available are as follows:

Split & Window Air Conditioners � These include the following categories:

Ceiling Wall Type � These use the environmental friendly R410A refrigerant. The models available are AW14_17 and AW18_24

Wall Mounted Type � These can be easily mounted on the walls and use the environmental friendly R410A refrigerant. The models available are AS7_9_12F_U, AS9_12L, AS9_12U, AS14U, AS17F_U and AS18F_U.

Floor / Ceiling Type � These are ideal ac's to be put directly on the floor or fixed to the ceiling. The models available are AB14_18_24U and AB14_18_24F.

Ceiling (Large) Type � This is a large air conditioning unit that can be fixed on to the ceiling. AB30_36_45_54 is the only model available in this category. The refrigerant used is R407C.

Cassette Type � It uses the R407C refrigerant. The only model available is AU25_3036_45_54.

Cassette (Compact) Type � AU12_14 and AU18 are the two models available. Both use the R407C refrigerant.

Duct Type - These use the environmental friendly R410A refrigerant. The models available are AR7_9, AR12_14_18, AR25_30_36_45, AR60 and AR90.

Multi Type System � These systems use just one outdoor unit to run a number of indoor units. These are ideal for a house of 2 to 5 rooms. The various options available are:

2 Rooms � This set up would have one outdoor and two indoor units. The individual units can be selected and installed in the house as per the lifestyle. These units use the environmental friendly refrigerant R410A, which does not harm the ozone layer.

3 Rooms � As the name suggests, this set up would include one outdoor and three indoor units.

4 Rooms � This system will have one outdoor and four indoor units.

Big Multi (Simultaneous operation) � These are ideal for large spaces like hotel lobbies, offices, hospital waiting rooms. The biggest advantage is that all the indoor units can be controlled by one controller.

Big Multi (Individual) � Also suitable for large spaces. These have two refrigeration cycles and can hence heat and cool individually.

Fujitsu Air Conditioners Variable Refrigerant Flow systems (VRF Systems) � These are high performance and large scale multi air conditioning systems. They include the following series:

V-II Series � It uses the unique inverter and refrigerant control technology to significantly reduce COP and EER.

V Series � It has the ability to connect up to three outdoor units up to a total capacity of 42 HP.

J Series � This series has been developed to provide comfort, efficiency, economy, convenience, easy maintenance and ease of operation.

S Series � This is a non inverter system, which is free from electrical noise emissions.

Fujitsu air conditioners pride in providing exceptional service at economical prices. The main philosophy is fusing powerful marketing with advanced technology to be the best in business.

Other Popular Models

Nocria Celing, Celing/Floor Console, Ducted.

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