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Fujitsu Cassette Air Conditioner

With Remote Control

Fujitsu Cassette Air Conditioner is endowed with the latest fan technology which distributes the conditioned air evenly throughout the room. This air conditioner has been one of the slimmest models available in the market. The manufacturers have further improvised on it by introducing its �Slender fit� technology. This technology allows the cassette body to be adjusted relative to the grill, thereby reducing the height of the cassette body by 35mm. This makes an even better fit in the narrow ceiling voids.

Manufacturer�s Specifications

  • The Fujitsu Cassette Air Conditioner has a nominal capacity between 7.10kW to 13.30kW.

  • The moisture removal capacity is excellent with a range of 2-5 Itrs/hr, depending on the different models available in the market.

  • The dimensions of the inner system of this ac excluding the grill are around height: width: depth (296mm x 830 mm x 830mm), with the exception of one model with dimensions as height246 mm x width 830mm x depth 830 mm.

  • The requirement of power supply is efficiently fulfilled with 230 Volts.

  • It has the chlorine-free, eco-friendly refrigerant R-410a.


Despite the perfection in the product, the improbable behavior of machines is always a cause of worry for any product. Hence this comes with a 3-year warranty on parts.


The various benefits of this air conditioning unit can be summarized as:

Multi-Directional Air Flow: This technology helps in the proper dispersion of cool air to the nook and corner of the room.

Washable Grills: The intake grills are detachable and washable. This makes the system hygienic as the user can clean it from time to time enhancing its durability and productivity.

Cooling/ Heating: This serves the purpose of both cooling and heating. The same product can be used during the summer months for cooling and during the winter months for heating.

Quiet Operation: It avoids the inconvenience caused to the users and the neighbors on account of noise pollution. It creates the right ambience for cooling or heating.

Washable Air Filter: The air filter is a very essential part of the system. With washable air filters, one can ensure higher efficiency of the system.

Remote Control: The easy to use remote control adds manifold to the benefits. The user can operate the product from any corner of the room without the need to move all the way to the system. This facilitates comfortable and luxurious operation of the product.

Slender Fit Feature: As discussed, this product has one of the slimmest structures as well as most adjustable body of the system.

Fresh Air Ventilation: A facility for fresh air ventilation is available with the help of controllable cassette louvers.

Auto Air Flow Adjustment: The feature of auto air flow adjustment ensures that the air flow is adjusted to match room conditions.

Seven Day Timer: This kind of a technology was first introduced by Fujitsu. This implies that different time programs, temperature, air flow direction and fan speeds can be programmed for each day of the week beforehand. This gives an exceptional level of control to the user.

Overall Fujitsu Cassette Air Conditioner is one of its kind. With the latest technology, the flaws and inefficiencies of the previous set of regular air conditioning units have been overcome. It is in sync with the norms and requirements, asking to be had.

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