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Fujitsu Ceiling Floor Console Air Conditioner

With Automated Air Flow Adjustment

Fujitsu Ceiling Floor Console Air Conditioner is a very efficient air conditioning unit. It aims to develop customer loyalty towards the product. The excellence in the customer care services displays the concern and consideration of the manufacturers. Another reason for the public trust in this brand is its adherence to high levels of industrial norms.

Manufacturer´┐Żs Specifications

  • The cooling capacity of this unit varies from 5200 Watts to 7100 Watts.

  • The heating capacity ranges from 6200 to 8000 Watts.

  • The power supply that is required for effective function is 240 Volts.

  • The running current in cooling ranges from 7.4 to 9.3 amperes and that of heating can be from 8.3 to 9.3 Amperes.

  • The fan speed of 3 adds to the high efficiency in the cooling capacity of the air conditioning unit.

  • The dimensions of the inside unit is 199mm x 990mm x 655mm (as height x width x depth).

  • The weight of the indoor unit of the air conditioning assembly is 28 kgs.

  • The compressor is of twin rotary type.


    Fujitsu Ceiling Floor Console Air Conditioners have been manufactured with the prime aim to satisfy the requirements in the summer season. The manufacturers have successfully achieved in terms of durable machinery and guaranteed for the technical perfection of the product. However, the dubious behavior of the machine parts has been taken into account by the manufacturers. Hence a warranty scheme of six years has been added to the purchase of the product. The consumers can avail this warranty scheme when they face any malfunction or breakage of the parts of the system. The services available to the customers are quick and free of cost.


    The Fujitsu Ceiling Floor Console Air Conditioners packs these benefits:

    Swing Louver: The automatic up or down swing louver is convenient to use. It adds to the cooling efficiency of the unit.

    Double Swing: The automatic movement of the louvers in the vertical and horizontal directions concomitantly, enhances the cooling capacity of air conditioning unit.

    Auto Shut Louver: When the machine is switched off, the louvers become shut on their own making the operation easy and simple.

    Automated Air Flow Adjustment: On the switch of auto mode for the fan, the micro processor is manufactured so as to regulate the air flow to be just right for room temperature.

    Auto Changeover: The system has the unique ability to convert from heating to cooling modes based on the room temperature and the temperature set by the user.

    Sleep Timer: This facility allows the user to get a luxurious sleep as the microprocessor changes the room temperature to make it suitable as per the needs of the consumer.

    Washable Panel: The users can keep the system clean for all times by regular washing of the panel. This makes it attractive for a longer period of time.

    Overall, the Fujitsu Ceiling Floor Console Air Conditioner is reliable and energy saving. The flaws and drawbacks of the previous air conditioning units have been dealt with. With the help of new technology, this air conditioning unit aims to create higher peace of mind for the consumers.

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