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Fujitsu Ducted Air Conditioner

With A Very Attractive Design

Fujitsu Ducted Air Conditioners are the ultimate solution for comfort and convenience. They offer quiet, efficient operation and are easy to maintain. They are productive and have the unique capability to spread the cool air throughout the room rather than piling up at one particular spot. The manufacturers have aimed to improvise on the typical flaws and drawbacks of a regular air conditioning unit. Fujitsu is famed as a quality-obsessed corporation which has delivered impressively over the decades since its formation.

Manufacturer´┐Żs Specifications

  • The cooling requirement of the air conditioning unit varies from 2800 Watts to 12700 Watts.

  • The heating capacity of the Fujitsu Ducted Air Conditioner has a range from 3300 Watts to 14300 Watts.

  • The power supply required for the functioning of the air conditioning unit should be 240 Volts and 415 Volts for a few models.

  • The moisture removal capacity is simply amazing. It has a range from 1.0 to 5.5 Its/hr.

  • The dimensions have been brought to standard ones. The first dimension is height 217mm x width 953 mm x depth 595 mm, while the second dimension is height 270 mm x width 1135 mm x depth 700 mm.

  • The refrigerant type is R410A. It is chlorine free and eco friendly.


    Despite the perfection achieved in the structure, the improbability of general machinery has been considered while developing the package. The manufacturers have designed a 5 year warranty. It implies that during the stipulated time period, breakage of any part will be compensated with a replacement. They develop a trust towards the product. Further the customer care services are very quick and efficient.


    The following are the benefits of the air conditioning unit:

    Perfect Comfort: The product has the ability to create perfect comfort situations throughout each room. The cooling effect can be dispersed through the entire house without being concentrated at a single location.

    Attractive Design: The air conditioning unit is visually appealing and fits aptly in the urban household. It complements the design of the home.

    Quiet Operation: This Fujitsu Air Conditioner is quiet in its operation. Through effective fitting and proper placement of movable parts, the noise output has been considerably reduced to minimal levels. You can now enjoy the full cooling prowess of the machine without having to compromise on your auditory ambience.

    LCD Remote Control: The remote control gives the user ability to operate the product from any corner of the room. The LCD display simplifies the decision making with easy-to-understand symbols and proper back-lighting. This makes the operation of the product highly convenient.

    Reverse Cycle: The air conditioning unit can be used as a heating unit or a cooling unit whenever the need for whichever arises. The need to battle the summer heat and the winter cold will be fulfilled with this.

    Overall Fujitsu Ducted Air Conditioner has tried to make the operation a convenient process for the consumers. Fujitsu lives up to its brand reputation by providing a comprehensive product with no room for complain. Next step, purchase.

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