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GE 230 Volt Heat/Cool Room Air Conditioner

by Karen
(Austin, Texas)

GE 230 Volt Heat/Cool Room Air Conditioner AEE18DM is a three in one unit which can dehumidify, heat and cool air. The settings can be adjusted according to our requirements whether for heating cooling or dehumidification. The reason why I have chosen the unit is because we experience both hot and cold climate and this GE model is of use both during the summer season as well during the winter. There are various levels and speed for both heating and cooling that can be adjusted through the remote control that comes along with this unit.

The filters are very easy to remove and clean and I regularly clean the filter so that clean air circulation is ensured at all times. To remove the filter it is as simple as one touch and it lifts up. The unit was easily installed and the process was hassle free with its easy to install window mounting kit. This General electric air conditioning unit is really very energy efficient and can cool or heat without any drastic increase in the electricity bill.

Since the GE AEE18DM functions as two units I need not install two separate units one for cooling and the other for heating. I had actually thought of purchasing a simple cooling ac unit but have ended up with this model due to its dual functioning which includes both heating and cooling options. The unit is very easy to maintain and I have not experienced any problem with my GE air conditioner for the past one year since its purchase. I have also tried the dehumidification function and noticed that the unit could effectively remove excess moisture from the air and provide a comfortable air flow.

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