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GE Energy Star 115 Volt Electronic Room Air Conditioner

by Stacey

Investing in GE energy Star 115 volt electronic room air conditioner helped me attain a long term money saving unit with the most relaxing and comfortable cooling solution. I have purchased this model only a year back and have had no problems at all. The energy star certified GE 115 volt air conditioner is the most economical air conditioner that functions consuming very little energy. The GE electronic air conditioner incorporates all the standard features as well as a few unique features of GE and is hence the best performing air conditioner I have ever owned.

My previous model air conditioner was not at all energy efficient and as soon as I replaced it with GE 115 volt electronic room air conditioner I was really able to save a lot of money on electricity bill. The after sales service of GE is very prompt and professional. Once when I took out the filter for cleaning I had difficulty replacing it and when I called the service center they arrived within six hours and put back the filter. The service person clearly explained how to pull and put back the filter after cleaning and demonstrated the process so that I could do it myself regularly. I am very satisfied with their services since I have received their services without any delay which is what we always expect for any electronic product that we purchase.

GE AJCQ12ACC is sufficient for my room cooling requirements and has got basic functions of standard air conditioning units like three fan speeds and three cooling levels. The airflow can be adjusted with the four way adjustable louvers these features make it an ideal air cooling unit for residential use.

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