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GE Vertical Zoneline Hydronic Air Conditioner

by Tim
(Washington, DC)

I have installed GE Vertical Zoneline Hydronic air conditioner AZ75W09EAC last summer and through the attached ducts the unit can cool three rooms in my house very efficiently. It now acts as a central air conditioner unit and provides us a complete cooling solution. I never now feel the extreme heat in my house and my electricity bill has not gone really high even after running the unit every day for more than twelve to fourteen hours.

The energy efficiency of this mighty air conditioning unit is amazing, in the initial two months I was very reluctant to on the unit continuously fearing that the electricity bill would increase too much and would cost me a lot, but what I thought was completely wrong and now with me personal experience I would like to recommend the GE Zoneline Hydronic Air conditioner as it has a reduced operating cost and are hence very economical.

I have installed the unit in my closet because of it�s vertically design it has fit my closet easily and through the ducts cool air is passed to three rooms. The unit has really high capacity and I never have felt reduced cooling or insufficient cooling in any corner of all the three rooms. Unlike other ac units which are wider and require a lot of horizontal space due to which the unit need to be installed in the middle of the room, this unit can be installed even in small rooms like the closet and hence do not affect the interior d�cor of the room and we never hear it functioning since they are installed in the closet and are also very quite while functioning.

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