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Gibson GAM185Q2A Air Conditioner

Gibson GAM185Q2A Air Conditioner, a brand from the stable of Electrolux is synonymous with offering comprehensive cooling solutions to its customers. The brand Gibson is named after Frank Gibson, who bought over the Bleding-Hall Company in the early 1990s and started manufacturing electric refrigerators in 1932. Backed by the enriched legacy of Electrolux Group, which is known worldwide as the largest manufacturer of kitchen and cleaning appliances, Gibson too carries a similar lineage of superior quality and performance.

Manufacturer�s Specifications

    This particular air conditioning unit offers a cooling capacity of 18,500/18,200 BTU.

  • The unit features electronic controls with a full-function remote.

  • It comes with a tilt-out filter access

  • Easy installation is ensured through the pleated quick mount window kit.

  • The unit is equipped to cool an area of up to 1,110 sq. ft.

  • It also includes a 6� power cord and tilt-out filter access.


The product is equipped with a comes with a 1 year manufacturer�s warranty that ensures exchange of any part free of cost if defect is found either in workmanship or materials. It also features the limited 2nd � 5th year warranty that offers replacement for any defective parts in the Sealed Registration System.


  • This slide out air conditioner is energy star approved and features an energy efficiency rating of 10.7, which allows you to enjoy the comfort of your air conditioner at affordable costs.

  • The auto-temp feature lets you adjusts the fan speed up or down till the room reaches the desired level of temperature.

  • The combination of 3 cooling speeds and 3 fan speeds ensure superior cooling performance.

  • The clean air feature allows the electronic air purifier to remove impurities, germs and pollens from the air.

  • The check filter feature ensures you always remember to clean the air filter for efficient operation and cooling. The LED light automatically goes on after 250 hours of operation.


  • In comparison to a lot of other air conditioner models, this unit only comes with a 1-year warranty. A similar model by other manufacturers enjoys warranty up to 5 or 10 years even.

Overall Review

This air conditioning unit is guaranteed to enhance the overall comfort level of your home with its suite of advanced features. The high-energy efficiency rating ensures that much more savings on your energy bills. Further enhancing your energy savings is the energy save feature under, which the fan continues to run for another 3 minutes once the compressor shuts off.

The fan continues to cycle on for 2 minutes at an interval of 10mins till the temperature is above the set room temperature, and then the cooling turns on. The unit�s heavy-gauge, anodized grille made of aluminum can withstand the toughest of conditions and wear and tear.

Another feature that sets it apart from a lot of its contemporaries is the antibacterial filtration, which doesn�t allow pollutants and germs to get dispersed into the air. Therefore, this unit is ideal for those who are fussy about maintaining hygienically clean surroundings.

Overall Gibson GAM185Q2A Air Conditioner is an ideal unit that offers a combination of all the features one seeks from an excellent air conditioner.

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