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Goldstar 12000-14000 BTU HR Mechanical Control Air Conditioner

With One Touch Lift Out Air Filter

Goldstar 12000-14000 BTU HR Mechanical Control Air Conditioner is the warhorse from the famed GoldStar stable. It is a major exporter of home appliances such as microwaves, air conditioners etc. since 1958. The difference between Mechanical Control Air Conditioner and its electronic version is that the knobs present here have to be handled manually. It is considered to be the best quality air conditioner among high-quality and efficient air conditioning units. The machine is perfectly suitable for residential as well as medium-scale applications. With this class product, GoldStar is set to build a new firm customer base and with its services, it can maintain that very well.

Manufacturer�s Specifications

  • The net dimensions of the air conditioning unit are length - 23.5 inches, breadth - 23 inches and height - 15 inches approx.

  • The weight of the ac when shipped comes to around 95 to 100 lbs.

  • The R1404 variant comes with a pleasant feature, the Auto-Swing.

  • The Lift-Out air filter is of the One-touch type.

  • The Slide In-out chassis eases the installation and maintainence.

  • In the R1203H, there is an electric heater to warm up stuff that has cooled beyond.


The warranty facility provided for GoldStar 12000-14000 BTU/HR Mechanical Control Air Conditioner is a step ahead of its counterparts. It is an exclusively one year scheme which is only applicable for original purchasers. Apart from the general warranty, there is an additional 4 years warranty on its Sealed Components. The warranty scheme covers all the aspects of warranty i.e. material defect, parts and labor. Such all-round care is sure to wow the most skeptical of purchasers and keep them in good spirits through the warranty years.


High Efficiency � The compressor and the condenser required in the cooling process are the best ones and cooled air is also free from allergens.

Auto Swing � The facility of auto swing ensures regulation of cool and dust free air in all the directions.

4-Way Air Deflection System � This facility together with the Auto Swing facility makes the cooling experience the best among all the air conditioners manufactured by Goldstar.

One-Touch Lift-Out Air Filter � This filter is responsible to filter the air, to ensure the elimination of all the dust and germs present in air.

Slide In-Out Chassis � The slide out helps in the cleaning process and it can be easily opened. It is no more an issue to maintain the machine by yourself

Reversible Open Grille � This grille can also shift the air in reverse direction that makes the cooling process easier.

Goldstar 12000-14000 BTU HR Mechanical Control Air Conditioner uses less energy and prunes the electricity bills. It is mainly known for its extremely noiseless functions, quick cooling and long life of compressor and condenser that require very little maintenance.

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