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GoldStar 12000 BTU HR Electronic Control Air Conditioner

With Easy To Read Display

GoldStar 12000 BTU HR Electronic Control Air Conditioner is manufactured by GoldStar Plc. It is a company established in 1958 which has since been a major manufacturer of home appliances such as air conditioners, dehumidifiers and microwaves. With the most efficient and quality-driven products, it is the number one manufacturer of the mentioned appliances in the world. It has been in the industry for quite a long time and has made a firm customer base through its excellent products and service.

Manufacturer�s Specifications

GoldStar 12000 BTU/HR Electronic Control Air Conditioner uses less energy and saves money on the electricity bills. It is also known for its extremely noiseless functions, quick cooling and long life of compressor and condenser. Its specifications are:-

  • Its cooling capacity is 12000 BTU/hr

  • The approximate net dimensions of the air conditioner are length � 23.5 inches, breadth � 22.3 inches and height � 15 inches.

  • The carton dimension includes length � 27.2 inches, breadth � 23.5 inches and height � 18.3 inches.

  • Shipping Weight of the air conditioner is estimated to be around 95 to 100 lbs.


Warranty scheme of an electronic product is an important part in its success. Users can avail the warranty scheme once the product is registered after its successful installation. GoldStar 12000 BTU/HR Electronic Control Air Conditioner offers its customers a warranty of one year on its spare parts and the labor charge. It includes the facility of in-home servicing. Additionally, a 5-year seal system of warranty is available. Hence, it has one of the best warranty schemes available which adds to the brand value of the product.


High Efficiency � The model offers high efficiency of output due to the best compressor and condenser installed in the system.

Soft Touch Remote Control � This feature helps users to operate the air conditioner without walking up to it now and then.

Easy-to-Read Display � Display feature included on the panel shows the reading of the temperature.

Digital Timer up to 12 Hours � This is one of the most important features, that allows auto shut down facility in the range of 12 hours.

4-Way Air Deflection � Air is deflected in all directions by the use of this feature. Your room is thus covered in a complete manner.

Reversible Open Grill � This feature is present to ensure proper regulation of cool air.

Energy Saver � The air conditioner can also run on the energy saver mode that requires comparatively less energy for its operation with same output offered.

The most attractive feature of Goldstar 12000 BTU HR Electronic Control Air Conditioner is its electronic temperature control which is very accurate and efficient in its reading and operations respectively. Electronic control also facilitates the use of remote control feature which is exclusive to this air conditioner. Overall, it is the best and affordable air conditioner with effective cooling facility that requires the least maintenance.

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