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Goldstar 5050 7000 BTU HR Mechanical Control Air Conditioner

With Varied Options For Your Enjoyment

Goldstar 5050 7000 BTU HR Mechanical Control Air Conditioner is a window unit, basically meant for residential application and use in small offices and class rooms. As the name of the model implies, it comes with easy manual controls with 5050-7000 BTU (British Thermal Unit per hour) capacity. This unassuming air conditioner has powerful recirculation capacities that keep the air space clean and fresh. It is available in off-white shade. This particular model has been certified with an �Energy Star� rating.

Manufacturer�s Specifications

This air Conditioning unit is equipped with the following features that adhere to the various industrial norms:

  • The respective model numbers are R5050-5050 BTU, R6004-6000 BTU and R7004R-7000 BTU per hour. Different model numbers signify the respective BTUs produced during the operation of the product.

  • Dimensions of the product (in inches) are 18.5 (height) x 15 (width) x 12.25 (depth) and it weighs approximately 44-48 Lbs.

  • The Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of this ac is an exceptional 9.7.

  • It is to be operated manually. The manual controls are varied but uncomplicated.

  • The window space required for this ac unit is 13 inches high and 22 inches wide. It is a compact window unit.

  • The in-built slide-out filter makes cleaning and washing easy and hassle-free. The chassis is also designed on the same lines.

  • The air deflection system for this air conditioning unit is a two-way process with a One Touch Lift Out� air filter.

  • The turbo fan ensures an even cooling for all the sides and dimensions of the room. The turbo fan has two different settings. These fans will function with or without cooling.

  • A 10 by 15 foot room can be easily cooled by the unit.

  • The thermostat is a versatile 9 setting piece. Other systems include a two setting fan speed and two different cooling settings. Temperature setting starts from 1? Fahrenheit. The thermostat can be operated from a range of 60? Fahrenheit to 86? Fahrenheit.

  • It has an in-built 12-hour timer.

  • Other features include two way adjustable louvers, grounding adapter for electricity to pass, quick mount window kit, automatic start-stop timer, easy to read display and a turbo fan.


Goldstar 5050 7000 BTU HR Mechanical Control air conditioners have been warranted for a period of one year. All related parts and in-home services have also been warranted for a period of 12 months. Parts comprising this model have been assembled with great care and precaution. The make and workmanship being of the highest degree, there will seldom be any defect in the unit. However, for the satisfaction of the consumer, parts proving to be defective will be refurbished or replaced at the discretion of the manufacturer.


The Following Benefits Are As Follows:

Varied Options: The unit, though manual in nature, is equipped with a variety of options for the cooling systems, air filter and the thermostat.

Low Energy Intake: 9.7 being the EER, it is obvious that this unit will invariably cut down your energy bills.

Low Noise: Ultra Quiet in operation, this unit causes no disturbance at all.

Goldstar 5050 7000 BTU HR Mechanical Control air conditioners have been specially manufactured for continuous residential wear and tear. Goldstar rightfully boasts of the durability of the unit.

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