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GoldStar 6000 BTU HR Electronic Control Air Conditioner

A Very Efficient Ac Unit

GoldStar 6000 BTU HR Electronic Control Air Conditioner, a creation of the 20th Century, is the perfect combination of efficiency, quality and �fuzz free� application. The model, as the name suggests, operates at 6000 British Thermal Units per hour. It is controlled electronically with fully featured remote controls. Endowed with features providing for better circulation of air current, it gives your home a fresh and healthy atmosphere. Most importantly, it has been certified by the �Energy Star� efficiency rating. It is a window air conditioner designed for regular residential use.

Manufacturer�s Specifications

Adhering to the various industrial norms, GoldStar 6000 BTU/HR Electronic Control Air Conditioner has been loaded with the following features, as specified by the manufacturer:

  • The dimensions of this ac product (in inches) are 12.3 (height) x 18.5 (width) x 14.9 (depth) and it weighs around 44-48 Lbs.

  • As the name suggests, 6000 BTU is the calculated capacity for the operation of the unit.

  • Power requirements for this air conditioning unit include a parallel plug, 110 Volt and amperage of 5.8 Ampere.

  • The unit has a high EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) of 9.7. With such low intake of energy, the product has earned an �Energy Star� rating.

  • Controlled electronically, it is equipped with a meticulous but �fuzz free� remote control system, digital thermostat and an electronic touchpad.

  • Air deflection is horizontal in nature, with a 2-way process. The fan and cooling speeds also operate on two different levels, providing choice to the consumer.

  • It has an in-built 12 hour timer.

  • The filter type is sliding out, removable and washable.

  • Other features include two way adjustable louvers, quick mount window kit, grounding adapter for electricity to pass, easy to read display, automatic start-stop timer and a turbo fan.

  • An interesting feature of this ac is the temperature setting. The temperature can be set by 1' Fahrenheit.

  • The unit is loaded with an energy saving mode to maintain the proper EER.


GoldStar 6000 BTU HR Electronic Control Air Conditioner has been warranted for a period of 12 months. All related parts and in-home service have been warranted for the aforesaid period of 12 months as well. Parts comprising this model of GoldStar have been assembled with great care and precaution. Defective parts or product will be replaced or refurbished at the discretion of the manufacturer. GoldStar being a champion of durability and reliability, the consumer will seldom come across any imperfection in the unit. All the parts and divisions are of the highest quality and workmanship.


The model has the following benefits:

Energy-Efficient: 9.7 being the EER Ratio, this unit will surely cut down your energy bills as well as do its bit in protecting the environment.

Fully Electronic Controls: Digital thermostat, Remote Controls and a touchpad form part of this unit. A slight tap is the only thing required for the operation of the unit.

Automatic Restart: After an electricity disruption, the unit starts operating automatically as soon as the current recommences.

GoldStar 6000 BTU HR Electronic Control Air Conditioner is the perfect solution to home cooling. It helps maintain a healthy and pollution-free atmosphere.

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