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Haier ESA 3059 Air Conditioner

The Haier ESA 3059 Air Conditioner is an Energy Star Qualified, 5,200 BTU and 10.7 EER Haier Air Conditioner. Due to its Energy Star Qualification, ESA 3059 meets strict energy efficiency guidelines and prevents greenhouse as emissions. It dehumidifies cools and cleans the air to provide the best level of comfort.

Product Specifications

The ESA 3059 Haier Air Conditioner 16 � inch wide, 12 � inch deep and 12 9/16 inch high. It weighs 42 pounds and can be easily installed in any window whether in a room or office. It boasts AHAM and EEV performance certifications and UL and CUL safety approvals. The ESA 3059 has a general warranty of 1 year.

Key Features

The ESA 3059 Haier Air Conditioner comes with the following features:

  • The ESA 3059 Haier Air Conditioner boasts a �Quick Snap� curtain install kit and an Enviro Clean coil.

  • The four function LED displays current room temperature, temperature setting, timer setting and time remaining to start or stop the air conditioner digitally.

  • The thermostat allows customers to adjust the temperature from 61 degree Fahrenheit to 86 degree Fahrenheit.

  • 24 hour Timer is provided to switch on or switch off the air conditioner at a pre determined time.

  • The ESA 3059 has an all top discharge airflow pattern.

  • A remote control is available for further enhancing the comfort. It allows the customers to operate the air conditioner from a distance.

  • It has a three fan and cool settings to provide a wide range of cooling options. The fan options can be used on days which are not very hot. On hotter days, the cool option can be used and the air conditioner switches on the compressor to give out chilled air.

  • It is designed to fit perfectly in a double hung window. It should be ideally installed on the north side, which is usually the shaded side to ensure maximum cooling.


    The main advantages of the ESA 3059 Haier Air Conditioner are as follows:

  • It boasts an Energy Star Qualification ranted by US Environmental Protection agency and the Department of Energy.

  • It has a three speed fan and three speed cooling options to provide a really wide range to its customers.

  • When the humidity is high, the moisture automatically collects in the pan or at the bottom of the ESA 3059 Haier Air Conditioner. If positioned correctly, the moisture collects at the back as a result of which the normal functioning of the air conditioner is not hampered. The moisture evaporates over a period of time without effecting the cooling.

  • The four function display allows the customers to see the status of the air conditioner at a glance.

    Warranty Information

    The warranty offered by Haier Air Conditioners covers defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months. It also covers the sealed system for 5 years. However in case of commercial use or rental use, Haier offers a warranty covering labor and parts only for 90 days. The warranty is applicable only in US, Canada and Puerto Rico.

    The ESA 3059 Haier Air Conditioner is ideal for both homes and offices. It meets the strict Energy Star Qualification guidelines and hence saves a lot of energy and money. Combined with its other advantages, the ESA 3059 Haier Air Conditioner is definitely worth every dollar spent on it.

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