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Haier ESA3186 Electronic Control Air Conditioner

Haier ESAX 3186 Air Conditioner is an Energy Star Qualified unit with a 17,000 BTU, 115 Volt and an energy efficiency rating of 10.7. It is one of the most powerful air conditioners and is ideal for homes and large areas. This stylish, versatile and affordable air conditioner performs multiple functions of dehumidifying, cooling and cleaning the air.

The Haier ESAX 3186 air conditioner is 24.41 inch deep, 18.66 inch high and 26.56 inch wide. The maximum wall thickness is 11.5 inches, minimum width is 30.13 inches and the maximum width is 42.31 inches. It weighs 127 pounds and boasts UL and CUL safety approvals. This is a very powerful air conditioner and can cool homes in the hottest of summers. It provides 1590 watts of cooling and comes in white color.

Haier ESA3186 Electronic Control Air Conditioner Manufacturer Specifications

The Haier ESAX 3186 Haier air conditioner is equipped with the following features:

  • The indoor coil is coated by Hydrophilic Resin to prevent corrosion inside the air conditioner.
  • Like a few other Haier models, it comes with an in built Dehumidification Mode. This mode preserves the surface inside homes and offices by eliminating the growth of mold. The ESAX 3186 condenses the moisture on a cold surface thereby removing it completely from the air.
  • The electrostatic air filter purifies the air aided by its active carbon and wavy structure. The ESAX 3186 filters dust, pollen and smoke to provide clean and cool air.
  • It boasts a modern yet a simple design, which is further enhanced by an extremely quite operation.
  • 24 hour Timer is provided to switch on or switch off the air conditioner as and when required along with a temperature and digital time display.
  • The three-speed fan and cooling settings provide a wide range of cooling options. The fan options can be used on days, which are not very hot. On hotter days, the cool option can be used when the air conditioner will switch on the compressor to give out chilled air. It also has a 4 way air direction capability.
  • The Haier ESAX 3186 air conditioner also has an all-top discharge airflow pattern and a full function remote control for extra comfort.

    Haier ESA3186 Electronic Control Air Conditioner Warranty Information

    The warranty offered by Haier Air Conditioners covers defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months and the compressor for 5 years. In case of commercial use or rental use, Haier offers a warranty covering labor and parts only for 90 days. The warranty is applicable in US, Canada and Puerto Rico.

    Haier ESA3186 Electronic Control Air Conditioner Benefits

    The main advantages of the ESAX 3186 Haier air conditioner are:

  • It boasts the Energy Star Qualification given by US Environmental Protection agency and the Department of Energy.

  • It boasts an ultra quite operation and a sleek and modern design.

  • Three speed fan and three speed cooling options.

  • The electrostatic filter ensures that the customer gets clean air at all times.

  • In case the humidity is high, moisture automatically collects in the pan or at the bottom of the ESAX 3186 Haier Air Conditioner as a result of which it evaporates over a period of time hence not effecting the cooling.

    The ESAX 3186 Haier Air Conditioner is ideal for both homes and offices. It results in a huge saving on the energy bills by being Energy Star Qualified. It is a powerful air conditioner, which is excellent for both homes and offices.

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